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  1. Your right. We will be passed to death because that is our biggest D flaw. We can't stop receptions period.
  2. Acting US Ambassador headed to the US to testitify.
  3. I'll do my best but don't know how long I can ignore his stupidity.
  4. @WhenFalconsWin I know you read the link. You need to JGFO dummy.
  5. I would love to tell him to "JGFO" so maybe I'll get nastier and with shorter responses.
  6. Wait till we hear how many children die and see how wfw feels.
  7. M O R O N in the 1st degree. He needs to be aware though that @WhenFalconsWin does it daily even though everyone knows it's BS.
  8. All indication of guilt. No other way to describe it. Verbal confession to the illegal call,that @WhenFalconsWin said was "innocent". Talk about stupidity.
  9. Trump fits that description to a tee. Look at Syria.
  10. Are we in physical shape to maintain this stamina?
  11. Because outside of Ryan we suck on both O line and D backs. Duh.
  12. Vegas says Rams -3 right now but I agree with you. And we won't win another game after this game, especially a division game.
  13. I hope we didn't leave any weapons behind for them.
  14. He's a mentally deranged moron. So sad he got into office.
  15. POTUS "right now" and you better enjoy it.
  16. The big Katuna couldn't survive in a high school debate.
  17. That's what it nearly looked like. I hope the Ohio debate narrows it to 6.
  18. Micheal Cohens cellmate hopefully.
  19. The last lady that was interested in you wasn't that impressive. Did she need a license to be that ugly?
  20. mdrake34 makes wfw look like a 4th grader.
  21. Rudy will be next to take the fall just like Michael Cohen did.