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  1. Getting my 'old timer' booster shot tomorrow.
  2. You need to listen to him. NO tax increase for those earning under $400,000. His infrastructure plan will create thousands of jobs.
  3. I just was reminded that during his term Trump reduced taxes on major corporations to the tune of 2 TRILLION DOLLARS. Biden is going in the exact opposite direction thank God.
  4. Someone had to step up and stop Pres Wacko from starting a war. And an excellent barometer as to Dumps 4 years of failure are represented today by the Jan 6th attempt and the upcoming Sept 18th planned march on the Capitol. His followers are as crazy as him. Milley apparently knew how close we were to war and we should be happy with what he did. By the way, I've ordered you the new tell all book 'PERIL'. It will be earth shattering.
  5. After Biden's vaccine mandate the markets opened this morning way up. How about that you MAGA LOON? .
  6. Well your guy is stirring more sheit. To fire up the march to the Capitol on the 18th he's saying the election of Biden will now be decertified. I can't wait till the slow moving wheels of justice finally bust him.
  7. Our D is worse than I anticipated. Turned the game off in hopes of some future improvement.
  8. Twenty years ago when we lost the Twin Towers Trump exclaimed, "Now I own the tallest building in New York". Sounds like @WhenFalconsWin posts about himself on a daily basis.
  9. After watching today's 9 -11 remembrances, it's a reminder also to me how far Trump has divided this country. I don't think we'll ever return to normality. Not saying Trump fans are all wacked but he sure did stir up some bad ones.
  10. Thought she was against everything including the shots. Her twitter account was suspended when she posted the vaccine was causing people to catch covid.
  11. Republican Gov's must be OK with killing off their voters.
  12. Now that covid vaccines are mandatory for Federal employees, is Marjorie Taylor Greene considered a Fed employee? 🤔
  13. A dozen drunk college students isn't a poll. Trump's poor ratings were from legitimate polls.
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