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  1. Republican 2020 presidential rally
  2. Wire taps were on Manafort. When Manafort spoke to Trump he was brought into the recordings.
  3. Your crowd size comparison was more than likely an interest in what laughable would come out of Trump's mouth. Trump gave a dark and tempestuous speech in which he referred to Kim Jong Un as “Rocket Man” and threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea. He labeled the Iran nuclear deal an “embarrassment” and strongly signaled that he planned to rip it up. Trump was belligerent and bombastic, threatening to start or exacerbate a number of conflicts, while ranting about refugees and free trade. When it comes to foreign policy, at least, the Bannon wing is still very much alive.
  4. Not cool but a how I feel he thinks when he says there are good folks in some of our bad groups. I'll change it up a bit.
  5. @dirtyharry
  6. The only one trying hard at making this the Divided States of America is you know who.
  7. Anyone besides me notice WFW is laying low? Bwa, ha, ha, ha. Of course he'll have an excuse but because of the latest coming out on the investigations, I'd be hiding too if I fought for Trump as much as he has. DH will disappear soon too.
  8. @WFW any rebuttal?
  9. That's what dumbfounds me. You'd think common sense would take over after so much garbage lingers over the orange man's head. Oh well, guess that's why they make Ford's and Chevy's.
  10. (@WFW) I'll guarantee that will be his lame response. You can't fix stupid as the saying goes.
  11. She has definitely asked ahead of the indictment for striped pantsuits. If they have none she'll sew stripes on a few of her own