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  1. Ted Tiajuana Cruz tried to pick at Merrick Garland at today's hearing while a mariachi band entertained his family back home on a sidewalk in front of his house.
  2. Not a witch hunt Trump when the Supreme Court heard the case and acted on facts.
  3. Written when he saw his hand picked Supreme Court said his taxes will become available the the AG for NY Grand Jury scrutiny. He' triggered and should be.
  4. I remember when he said it would be 15 and then down to 8. Then he went and played more golf.
  5. Msg to QAnon followers and members: Please attend Trumps reinauguration March 4th to be held at Mar A Lago.
  6. Florida lowers flags to half staff for racist Rush Limbaugh who taught people to love the angry, bullying racist Donald J. Trump. NYSD AG has hired a white crime prosecutor to try Trump for tax fraud. Clock ticking for the orange man to start wearing an orange jumpsuit.
  7. Just sayin' . . . . . It refreshing and encouraging to see how Biden is making an effort to help Americans in many different ways. Trump never did anything but for himself.
  8. R's would block the $50k so Biden didn't push it hard enough.
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