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  1. @WhenFalconsWin Looks like you support a theiving basturd. Biden 2020 for returning honesty to America.
  2. I had an idea there was $$ motivation. Get rid of this con 2020.
  3. Civil rights icon John Lewis endorsed Joe Biden Tuesday, becoming the 38th member of the Congressional Black Caucus to officially back the former vice president’s campaign for the Democratic nomination.l
  4. According to some it's the news that the virus is peaking or leveling off. With a 5k gain yesterday I'm still down 60k.
  5. Any sniffer over a lying , cut throat, self serving moron.
  6. Trump's firing of Inspector General was justified by Trump by saying he forwarded a lie to congress. It wasn't a lie and it got him a House impeachment after dozens of reputable witnesses confirmed the act. Any rabid animal in 2020, not a piece of poop.
  7. Only because he was appointed. The poll was accurate.
  8. State of Illinois had to race a check to a vendor in a parking lot because of the battle over bidding for supplies. Trump went on TV when he heard this and blamed it on the Governor. How about finally coordinating supplies thru the Federal Gov. JFC. Why are we waiting ? Oh wait . . . we know who's at fault. President Nimrod.
  9. 352 hospitals surveyed say they are still hurting for PPE supplies. You watch nurses on TV begging for supplies daily. TRUMP: "Hospital administrators are telling me they are happy and thrilled to be where they are with supplies". Big_Dog: " Trump, can you ever tell the truth? STOP, JUST PLAIN STOP GOD DAMMIT
  10. For the most honest, free of lies and falsehoods, no partisan BS thrown in, no making fun of news media or hear about the recent firing of people that didn't deserve being fired, just wait for Trump's next presser and you'll see opposite.
  11. Instead of giving America some encouragement in a short telecast like the Queen in the UK did, he gets in front of the cameras and pedals horsesh!t. If he would keep it from promoting himself he'd win more support. He's too stupid to recognize that. Instead he cries fake news like a baby and tells us how great he is. Now that's Chief Stupidazzdumbf* ck.