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  1. Yep, growing older isn't for sissy's.
  2. You betcha! Trump and Obama appear to be the same height. 6"1" __ BOOM, signed, Inspector Sherlock Holmes
  3. Trump's drivers license is purported to list him as 6' 2" and at his age normal spinal shrinkage should make him closer to 6' 1". I myself have lost one inch in height as I moved into my 70's. This is a quite normal process. So who really knows?
  4. Bannon refuses to talk to the Intelligence Committee even after the impromptu subpoena they handed him. Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.) said that Bannon’s attorney, William Burck, told the committee that while Bannon himself was willing to speak with lawmakers and investigators, he could not answer questions because the White House told him not to respond. “This was effectively a gag order by the White House preventing this witness from answering almost any question concerning his time in the transition or the administration,” Schiff said. Really?, OK Trumpers, explain this move by the White House. What are they afraid of Bannon saying? Maybe the Grand Jury will be more successful if Bannon doesn't take the 5th in front of them. This whole administration is as crooked as a barrel of fish hooks.
  5. Not all of them. Only the Trump butt lickers.
  6. Sorry, @realDonaldTrump, we Norwegians don’t want to emigrate to countries run like ****holes. — Eirik Bergesen (@eirikbergesen) January 11, 2018
  7. Pence declared last summer Trump's plan will work. "The world is seeing that we have a president again who is embracing his role as leader of the free world." How's that plan working out?
  8. Rand Paul says it’s ‘unfair’ to call Trump racist on Meet The Press by Kailani Koenig WASHINGTON — Sen. Rand Paul said Sunday that it is "unfair" to call President Donald Trump a racist but said his recent insulting comments about immigrants from Haiti and African countries are unhelpful. JFC, when will the R's wake up and realize Trump is and always has been a racist? It's something we have to live with. I also don't understand why the R's don't care about getting to the bottom of any criminal activity that's being investigated. Instead they are protecting the suspects. It's as disheartening as the Falcon's loss to the Eagles.
  9. I'd start off by sitting the team down to watch all of the Patriots game films. They've got their shyt together. Just sayin'.
  10. As long as we get red zone scoring fixed I don't care who does it. We should have scored. Sorry.