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  1. No way will they score on every possession and we won't either.
  2. At this stage of the confusion nothing bothers me.
  3. Mueller's team gave Cohen a workout yesterday including the question "Did Trump off you a pardon?" Hmm. The immunity deals recently reached with Trump's CFO and Cohen is bringing the rest of the shenanigans to bear on Trump. Donald Jr. is down the list and quite possibly won't be indicted but he's on the list. My thoughts say that Mueller holds indictments over Jr.'s head and forces Trump to resign, 'cause that's what he did to Flynn with his son being considered for indictments. Mueller shows his cards to Trump and says, "resign and I won't dump this multi-charge indictment on Congress to impeach you and arrest your sons and daughter on another laundry list of crimes." "Resign and I won't destroy Trump, Inc. and seize all your properties, like I did with Manafort", "Resign and keep your pension", "Resign and receive Secret Service protection for life, or be convicted and die in prison with an orange jumpsuit".
  4. Constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe calls this letter “explosive.” This is the letter, posted on Facebook, from a woman who knew Kavanaugh, Judge and Blasey Ford and claims that the attack did happen, that "many of us heard about it in school," and that it was talked about for days afterward. The FBI should interview her and others. — Jay Bookman (@jaybookmanajc) September 19, 2018 There is no excuse not to have a full investigation of this matter with a lifetime appointment at stake.
  5. Blank hasn't been known to do much at all for any of the Falcon halftimes. What did you guys expects. 'Kiss' final tour?
  6. I had it picture in my mind as a typical large college party. My mistake.
  7. Definitely WFW's breakfast of champions. Do you like it well done like the POTUS?
  8. There were many more at the party besides Ford and one other. The FBI could continue the background if it's necessary. And now Ford says she wants the FBI to do it's diligence first then she'll testify, frankly I'm getting tired of all of it.
  9. Look, we have enough policemen around here telling us banter posters what we should or shouldn't say. We don't need your advice. @JayOzOne and @WhenFalconsWin and big_dog are doing just fine.
  10. I know he was bonkers 7 days ago but just the last day (or two) something changed. Not concerned what WFW spews.
  11. I'm sure it's just me but has anyone noticed Trump may be taking his 'over-the-edge' tweeting down a notch in the last couple days after finally breaking total silence? His last couple have been complimentary, in the right direction, no bragging on himself, and seems somewhat back on track from the craziness I'm used to seeing. Did Melania steal his phone?
  12. Wife is a die hard Pats fan. Going to the Patriot-Dolphin Game @ Gillette Stadium 9/30 (1:00 PM game, can't stay awake at nite), I'll let you know how many TD receptions he makes.
  13. With Gronk going lame on injuries, Billichick sees an opportunity.
  14. Would they look down on Mueller's academic credentials? Princeton and U of Virginia Law Schools