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  1. And Trump.
  2. I wonder how many "trumpettes" are now exempt from joining the military.
  3. BOOM ^ ^ ^ Spoken like a true American.
  4. Next in line to be flushed down the toilet: Priebus Next in line to resign: Tillerson Next to hold out as long as he can: Sessions Next big thing in the Senate: More R's to backbone up and leave Trumps side
  5. He must have a bit of "trumpism" in his blood or "wherever".
  6. After tweeting his transgender policy Trump is finally losing the support of conservative Republican leaders by the minute, because after he spent the past two years attacking just about everyone else in America, he’s now attacking one of them. It tells you perhaps all you need to know about the true nature of conservatism. But it also means that, after two years of largely getting a free pass from his own party, Donald Trump has finally found a way to screw up that’s hurting him with his own party. Stay tuned. (Palmer Report)
  7. @WFW It's time for you to wake up and face the truth. He can you take his side if not for the issues layed out above but for his daily firehose of excrement being shot at us every day???
  8. At the rate he is screwing America it may not last the last 3 1/2 . Should he make the first term there is no way he'll be re elected. If that were to happen I'd promise you I'd move to Canada.
  9. Delay tactic while they hope public outcry settles down.
  10. Been there, tried that.
  11. ^ ^ ^ ^ Now that there is some funny sh!t
  12. In Jamaica last year I drank 5 kegs of Red Stripe draft in a week. Smmooootthh.
  13. Sure. I just get a kick out of screwing with him.
  14. Trump told his Ohio crowd that he feels he should be added to Mount Rushmore Presidential Greats sculptures. Maybe he's like all of them taken away and just his figure for everyone to adore.
  15. In a trend that will come as no surprise to those who are searching for the secret to longevity, more Americans are reaching the age of 100 these days, reports Sabrina Tavernise for The New York Times. These long-lived centenarians are also living even longer, with a death rate that has actually fallen in recent years. In 2014, there were 72,197 Americans aged 100 or older, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That number is up 44 percent from 2000, when there were only 50,281 centenarians and Florida has the largest population of the centenarians. Read more: