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  1. Maybe he knew the cards were stacked against him with prior nowledge of this criticism.
  2. From what I've seen the D's are giving attention to it. Unless you mean Congress (House) need to start Impeachment proceedings because his brazen fat A$$ admitted he held the money and no way can that be misconstrued not to screw up voting.
  3. I love the gotcha moments. Mine are in good faith each and every one of them because the are Trump related and it's election time. What better reason.
  4. But @WhenFalconsWin tells us it's a good thing. He posts "There are many ways to get your meds delivered by private services". He doesn't even know the new postmaster Trump just appointed is heavily invested in private delivery services. Another large donor to Trump getting appointed to an area Trump wants to literally destroy like everything else he touches.
  5. They are leaving because of the Trump high taxes and the virus to cheaper living areas and non Republican Governor controlled covid pits. They aren't fleeing do to any Democrat caused issues. Weak soup on your part. Try again unless you get tired of losing.
  6. AMC theatres opening back up on Aug 21st with 15 cent admissions. Cheapest way to catch the Trump virus other than not wearing a mask.
  7. One city doesn't equate to 'cities' plural and most of those in NY are laying low from the high local mortality rate from the virus.
  8. Trump sure is taking her serious so ask him. Democrats leaving big cities in droves . . . Haven't seen this one yet. Did you pull it out of your A$$? Prove it.
  9. Trump is very worried about Harris on the Biden ticket. He said there is 'serious' concern about her eligibility over her birth certificate. Maybe she too is from Kenya like Obama. Bwa ha, ha, ha, ba, ha. What a dikhed. If Trump had a brain he'd be more fun to watch. As it now stands he's dumber than a box of marbles.
  10. Hillary would be better than Putin who works behind the scenes since 2016. Trump has had 7 confirmed phone calls with Putin in the past couple of months and not to discuss the alleged payola to kill our troops or the proven ongoing election interference. WTH are they discussing?
  11. Trump spends all his time saying mail in doesn't work. Ballots have gone out to 4 or 5 dogs and thousands of dead people. Dogs won't vote and most of the dead people just died from the virus.
  12. Since you are up early how did you like Trump's virus update yesterday when he read his notes and pronounced fatalities . . . fa till i teeze. JFC he's a moron. And he bragged that the covid deaths among adults is running 99.995 % compared to children. What a thing to brag about when it was the highest day for the amount of new cases. And in the beginning he did say it was a hoax. Specifically a democratic hoax. You apparently have convenient memory.
  13. At least they are making an effort. Something logger head Trump didn't go because in the beginning he had the balls to say it was a hoax. HOAX H .. O .. A .. X So just suck him up and be a hoax yourself.
  14. If she would be there after getting rid of the devil worshiper I'd head her way.
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