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  1. He won't be alone. And it's already started making me feel less and less like a lone wolf.
  2. But yours took the trophy for the most laughable of the day. Keep it up comedian.
  3. Friends and foes, skip Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings this year. With vaccines on the horizon be safe and wait. We can all celebrate next year without the risk of having lost a family member.
  4. Took my 'trump' and it cost me $75 for a roto rooter job on my main sewer line.
  5. Nostradumbazz gives us an opinion on yesterday's NYT Magazine article on Trump's looming criminal charges: Before listing the crimes Trump will be charged with, First, the prosecutions won’t have to take place in DC, so they won’t have to sap up too much of the energy of lawmaking for which the new Administration needs to fight. Second, they will come under the aegis of the new attorney general, not via direct marching orders from the President. Third, given that, it seems likely that a talented district team, such as especially SDNY would handle much of it. Fourth, that makes sense beca
  6. How much did you give when Trump asked his supporters to donate to his 'defense fund'? JFC what a grifter.
  7. Definition of insanity: Counting the same votes over and over . . . expecting a different result. . . . and when nothing changes cry out "I still won." WTH is wrong with him (and @WhenFalconsWin )? Both quacks.
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