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  1. She wanted 2 million to settle. He said kiss my arsz. He feels confident.
  2. NE will probably make it to the SB again. Miami couldn't contain them at all. 43-0 was embarrassing. Ran score up without trying to.
  3. Because of leader Trump and his "grab em by the"
  4. But it makes his manhood look hugely.
  5. Playboy Magazine copy cat.
  6. The three little pigs in office that need a visit to the butcher shop: 1 Trump 2. Barr 3. Kavanaugh
  7. wFW told me that after this incident he crapped loose teeth for 3 weeks.
  8. How about any years before him. It's a dumb question not worth researching to give you an answer.
  9. Part of this may be fact but he told his daughter he'd handle him. He immediately got his *** whipped and his daughter had to finish it for him.
  10. Get some cash today and take NE disregarding the scary pt spread.
  11. Can't wait for Republican primary debates that Trump already declined to attend. He will be raked over the coals and will lose the 'soft' Republican votes over his current behavioral issues. Before you ask me what I mean, I'll tell you. The man is bat she!t crazy.
  12. She reminds me of Trumps' Sharpie of the hurricane boob heading to AL.
  13. A big loud full house in their seats won't happen. I support the Falcons but the Eagles will most likely give us a WWE smackdown.
  14. Say what you want about NE. If you'd like to make some $$$ Sunday take NE -19.5 or even -20 against the Miami Mullets. Bilichek wont run the score up on a former staffer but the score will be in the range of 41-7 or 38-3. You get the idea. NE will cover that too low of a spread imho.
  15. Bernie needs to ask howdy doody who his stylist is.