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  1. NRA shoving big $$$$ up the butts of our greedy law makers. Plain and simple.
  2. How about an online course in 'understanding politics'? WFW just enrolled after getting shredded lately.
  3. @WhenFalconsWin When will you wake up?
  4. I'll bet hop-scotch is your favorite sport to watch.
  5. Read up on Fact Check results: No adult is more misinformed than YOU! WAKE UP! Important fact: Robert S. Mueller III, who heads the team, is a longtime registered Republican. He was appointed by another Republican, Rod J. Rosenstein, whom Trump nominated as deputy attorney general. But publicly available voter registration information shows that 13 of the 17 members of Mueller's team have previously registered as Democrats, while four had no affiliation or their affiliation could not be found. Nine of the 17 made political donations to Democrats, their contributions totaling more than $57,000. The majority came from one person, who also contributed to Republicans. Six donated to Hillary Clinton, Trump's opponent in the 2016 race.
  6. What you don't understand is Obama congratulated him when there were less murders; no election hacking into America; Putin wasn't condemned by the UK and Obama never filled the West Wing with oligarch's and licked their butts. There is a BIG difference .
  7. DJT,Jr sure has better taste in women than his crusty ole man. Just sayin'.
  8. Rasmussen Reports 3/19/18 Every Republican’s favorite pollster, and the one that President Donald Trump frequently cites, has found that Trump voters believe that Trump can best help Republican candidates in Trump districts, by sitting on a White House couch and doing nothing. A plurality of voters think Trump would hurt local candidates by campaigning for them in their districts. According to the pollster, 40 percent of likely voters think Trump campaigning in their district would hurt the candidate he’s trying to help, while just 28 percent said it would help the candidate. 21 percent of likely voters, meanwhile, said his presence in their districts would have no impact. In 2018 the R's better keep him at arms length if they want to have a chance.
  9. True but her last post wasn't stupid IMHO.
  10. There are a lot more stupider things posted than that tidbit, I guarantee you.
  11. **** your right. Going colorblind in my old age.
  12. Orange haired whistle blower gives orange haired POTUS more heartburn
  13. Like father like son. No morals or scruples.
  14. I gayruntee your going to watch.