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  1. Time to be honest and update my avatar with a current pic.
  2. I remember when a cruise ship had a few covid patients and he didn't want them to be allowed off ship because it would add to our total cases
  3. Thanks bro, I'm glad I made it to 82. Hope I have a few more before I start pushing up daisy's from the bottom side.
  4. So so many over weight travelers spotted in airports and casinos. Maybe being grounded during the pandemic caused over eating but it sure was obvious.
  5. Just got back. Came back 2 days early to get ahead of the tropical storm. Did lousy on the horses but at night I hit the slots and for once came out a wee bit ahead.
  6. After listening to Putin's press conference after the summit, I can say he's a sly smooth talker who skirted around tough questions even though saying things positive on his feeling toward Biden. He still couldn't explain why he tried killing Navalye but tried to explain it away as being no different than our Jan 6th disaster which is no comparison of actual facts behind the two episodes. He also denies any knowledge or involvement in the cyber attacks on us. When asked if he would invite Biden as a guest or go if he were invited to the White House, he said "we're just not there yet" Waiting
  7. Spending the week in Biloxi betting horses in the sports book telecasts at the Golden Nugget. My birthday/fathers day reward for being a retired GENIUS.
  8. Lobster diver who was swallowed by a whale and spit out is a crock of BS. It's a story WFW would post and expect us to believe. When he reads my post watch . . . . . . he'll answer with a harrowing experience he once had.
  9. Wait till you hit your 80's. Old age is not for sissies.
  10. Time for everyone to put WFW on ignore. I finally have had enough of his lies, boasting and trumpism to last the rest of the year.
  11. What are the odds that the huge cancer relief benefit with 7 or 8 bands that he was asked on stage to play a few numbers is false. Google it and there is ZIP anytime in the near future in VA.
  12. Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family will attend the G7 dinner tonight. Her relationship with Trump was strained and they stayed out of the site of him.
  13. That was a police state. Thank God and Greyhound he's gone.
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