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  1. No, that’s what YOU want to see. Hey, it’s cool that you hate the SAINTS but what’s the purpose of trashing the whole state? Sounds pretty childish to me.
  2. You must have been held back in kindergarten because you don’t know your shapes. Do you also piss in your boots?? 🙄🙄🙄
  3. Welp, there goes the Saints, Falcons and Panthers chance to win the division!!
  4. I hate no one but satan! I have lots of love to go around! lol
  5. Can I invite myself to laugh with y’all?? LOL... LOL!! This is why I never talk smack because it can always come back and bite you in the ***! Seriously, Falcons played one **** of a game and CONGRATS to the team and you fans!! This has to give y’all some hope!
  6. With their 12 little post. LOL....I know dang well if the tables were turned, the Falcons would do the same thing and they wouldn’t say a thing about it!! Double standard I say!!
  7. Yes, I was sad for the players...no matter WHAT team it was, I'd still feel bad for them! I can understand not going to a very busy airport BUT only a handful of fans showed up when they arrived on buses to Flowery Branch and by looking at the pictures, the area was pretty big enough for a large crowd!! I'm sure they were pretty bummed out on the ride home and then getting home to see about 20 fans didn't help matters I'm sure!
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