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  1. You people worry to much Oliver is no worries if highly doubt if he wasnt ready that Quinn would have he as a starter. I trust Quinn and i think yall need to start trusting him more too. I havent seen nothing to have concerns about him in preseason he got beat twice on a back shoulder throw which is a impossible play to stop and a throw that was right on the money he had perfect position. When we drafted him people were so excited now he his obvious proven to Quinn that he can start and now yall scared smh it's crazy.
  2. I think they waiting to see if the packers are going to release Crosby.
  3. This place is so funny cause i have great memory and i remember last Matt Bryant missed 2 kicks in the preseason and everybody was sayin how he needs to retire he's done we need a new kicker lol.
  4. You obviously haven't watch Takk he was 2nd last year in pressures. He got the potential to get 12 sacks he got that mean streak that Vic lacks
  5. How so??? It's the same defense that was rank 8th in 2017 minus Alford and Poe. Imagine the ravens who had the number 1 defense last year had no CJ Mosley, Weddle and Suggs. Do you think they finish number 1?? Well thats how i defense was last year without 2 of our QBs on defense in Rico and Deion and our enforcer in Neal. I guarantee our defense will be top 15
  6. Not worried at all he havent played in 3 months who not going to be rusty.
  7. The return of Neal, Deion and Rico is going to be so huge that's why i wasnt worried when we didnt do that much on defense doing the off-season. When healthy we are a top 14 defense, these 3 make everybody better when they are healthy. People seem to forget we were ranked 8th in defense in 2017 we got the same players besides Alford and Poe
  8. It's because if they never heard of them it's a automatic bad pick.
  9. No Quinn loves Oliver it's Tru they don't feel comfortable with plus they most likely gone cut him next year
  10. I actually like Deandre Baker better he's more physical and has better technique. The man never gets beat deep havent allowed a TD in 2 years.
  11. I agree i think we draft a LG that can play beside Mack and Matthews. Then sign a RT in FA and we are going to keep Wes or Fusco at RG.
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