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  1. My name is Zach Mishoe and I am 24 years old. I grew up in the Wilmington, NC area (Carolina Beach, NC) and now live in Wilmington. Reading through these posts I was actually surprised to see a couple of people say they live in Wilmington, too! I rarely post anything to the message boards, but check them almost daily. As a kid I was a HUGE Braves fan...obviously back then they were always on TBS so we got all the games in NC. I started somewhat following the Falcons around '05-'06, but really became a die-hard fan in 2008. Would definitely consider the Falcons to be my favorite sports team. Ma
  2. Just for the record Physicians and Athletic Trainers have nothing to do with a team's conditioning. So they don't belong on this list. It's okay to be upset at the strength & conditioning coaches, but you can't throw the others under the bus for something they have no control over.
  3. If you think Matt Ryan is the problem then you are a f*cking moron. Dude threw for almost 400 yards and 3 tds. He can't help that his team has a soft defense. No tackling, stupid freakin penalties, and leaving people wide open is what cost is the game.
  4. Random, but seasons 1 and 3 of Eastbound & Down were filmed in my hometown (Carolina Beach/Wilmington, NC). They used the high school I went to for all the episodes in season 1 (except for the very first episode) and other places around Wilmington. In season 3 they filmed all over Carolina Beach. They did also film some in Myrtle Beach, which is where season 3 is supposed to take place, but most of it was in CB. Hilarious Show. But anyway.. Lets Go Falcons!!! Big game today!!
  5. 27-21 Falcons. Rise Up!! Julio and Tony G with a TD reception each Michael Turner rushes for a TD Matt Bryant 2/2 on FG's
  6. Stopping the run (both Lynch and Wilson). Their passing attack cannot beat us. If we can limit their rushing we will be fine.
  7. The black jersey is awesome!! The red one isn't bad either.
  8. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is the medical term for a heart attack. Just for anyone who isn't familiar with it.
  9. Yeah, it's rare for people to die of natural causes at a young age. If I had to guess (totally speculative) is that he had an undiagnosed heart condition like an enlarged heart, etc. Unfortunately, in most cases, athletes are not screened for heart conditions prior to playing so they are not aware of having a problem until its too late. Pretty sad. Again, this is totally speculative. But when I hear a 27 year old die from "natural causes" it seems a bit fishy to me. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Well maybe this could be a good thing for the Vikings. I'm sure GB didn't game plan having to face Webb who, from what I've heard, is a pretty good runner. (I actually don't know a ton about Webb, but if what they said is true, there will be 2 threats to run). Should be interesting to say the least.
  11. Prayers go out to the entire Samuel family. Stay strong Asante!
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