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  1. Thank you Mr. Blank for your honest approach to the noisegate situation. I have no doubt that penalty would have been much more severe had you not come forward and accepted the responsibility. That's great leadership! Something many of us know nothing about, in fact many would still be pointing fingers, lying, and covering up the truth. The patriot organization could learn a thing or two from our owner.
  2. Roddy white is in no way a NFL HOFer ...not even close.
  3. Rex Ryan or not I bet most of you that want him can't give 3 solid reasons why he would be successful in Atlanta. The people in the front office know better than any of us and the bottom line WHOEVER IS CHOOSEN I WILL BE THERE GOING FOR MY FALCONS. I don't care if bozo the clown is the head coach.
  4. So many people have little faith. This team is closer than they were 3 years ago. Wtf r you talking about???
  5. The Atlanta Falcons have a fan base that is desparate. Really desparate! No championship, very little playoff appearances and most their seasons have been a losing effort. The fans will take anything that resembles sucess to include a 7-9 record with a trip to the playoffs. That desparate nature has now led to a strong desire for a win now expectation. The truth is it takes time to build a winner but this fan base is so desparate they are not willing to wait. I don't believe for a second this current coaching staff has failed...in fact I believe they at a pivitol point in their reign. If Blank pulls the plug now it will be a huge mistake. We live in a day and age where people expect instant gratification even thought the reality is sucess takes time. This team is maybe a year away from being a dominant, dynasty caliber team. No one wants to wait and see they want a new everything now! I would give this staff two more seasons to produce, maybe even three. There are some positives happening on both sides of the ball, the team is starting to gel, players are starting to learn, things are starting to click, coaches are figuring out what we can and can't do. I noticed this change after the Detroit game. Pulling the plug now will be a huge mistake!
  6. I bet teams would rather avoid this team altogether. They have nothing to lose, embattled coaching staff, potentially lethal offense that is on an upswing and an improved defense. Not to mention the best kicker in the NFL. This is the right mixture for a team that can cause problems. Just saying😗 Go Falcons!
  7. Obviously the guy isn't healthy enough. This game means less than the next two games. We beat the Saints and Panthers we go to the playoff even if we lose today. I rather have Julio full beast for the last two games rather than risk making his injury worse. BUT. We're going to win today anyways!
  8. This guy is missing something other than an offensive line. His decision making is pathetic at times and just seems scared in the pocket. I think it's time to start searching for a new QB just in case he can't get it together. Not to mention some real competition behind him is healthy for the team.
  9. This boy couldn't catch Ebola but naked in African
  10. Sued for copyright infringement. The teams version of the walking dead closely resembles the story from the the hit show. The offense and defense look like a bunch of clueless zombies that are routinely chopped up by other teams.
  11. The money we gave to Baker should have been used to entice Mclure to stick around a couple more years.
  12. Harvey Dahl Curtis Lofton John Abrham Tyson Clabo Will Svtek This all Affected run defense, pass rush, offensive line. Who makes these decision? Answer that and you can start to place blame.
  13. Did you know...the drive into the red zone where Antone fumbled was the 1st time this year we did not score a TD IN THE RED ZONE. that's pretty impressive.
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