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  1. Maybe...just maybe,..the hottest coach wanted us, and we are going to get the hottest coach
  2. Silly, you're judging someone's coaching ability because of how the speak softly and if they are yelling?? Bryan Cox must be the best coach ever thenGo ask Tony Dungy, Bill Walsh, and Joe Gibbs how that turned out, those guys had the demeanor of my accountant rather than a football coach, I think they've been to a couple of Super Bowls
  3. TD wanted to get pass rushers, but Smith wanted interior lineman? I missed that part Was it at the end?
  4. 49ers and him have mutually agreed to part ways. People can say what they want about him but.... He would bring some buzz back to the team, more than any other coach, outside of Blank hiring Saban
  5. He set us up nicely with the salary cap, whether he stays or not.....he has done a great job with this, as compared to our friendly team down in the bayou http://grantland.com/the-triangle/new-orleans-saints-salary-cap/ They are in deep trouble....and we will be laughing all the way
  6. You lost me at comparing the 49ers to us
  7. My first thought after roddy caught it, go for 2 , I guess my chart is different from genius mike, we still win game if we miss
  8. When we get the touchdown to go up 15-3, why not go for 2 , instead we go for 1 and sure enough Carolina comes back and is up 17-16, 17-15 and 17-16 is no different I thought he followed a chart for these things It didn't hurt us in the end, but again Mike Smiths game management is terrible
  9. Whelp. There goes one coaching option Hes who i liked the most. Got the most out of his defense with the least talent
  10. Everyone... Even the guys on the Fan say... What would be the point of firing him midseason. An interim coach is not going to spark this team. I say wrong..... What about findng out if devonta can play, southward, hageman etc. why do we need to see sjax get more carries. Or bierman or osi. They are not going to be here next year but Smith will keep playing them A interim coach wouldn't And about smith.... You know hes done.... He has always preached about getting points before the half ... They practice it.. They have talkd about how good they are at it...hes talked the statistics about how it helps you win..... Hes not even following his own beliefs anymore. You would think he would be coaching with some urgency. Why does he think a 2-5 team can rest on its backs.
  11. It was Ryan's worst INT But how many Falcons are blocking how many lions..... 7 vs 4 but Ryan is about to get crunched by 2 lions
  12. On that INT play, count how many blockers we had in..........7......!! And he was running around 10 yards behind the LOS. Our blocking sux
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