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  1. Raekwon Davis, Derrick Brown, or Christian Wilkins
  2. Justin Hardy! Good pick up
  3. Really wanted Rowe, but Collins will help this defense
  4. Alright Quinn, get Kendricks or Rowe
  5. From a UGA fan, I wish Todd great health and success in the league.
  6. Welcome Home, Vic!
  7. Yessss!!!!
  8. ****!!! Hope Bears take White
  9. Yes! Two more picks!
  10. Yes
  11. Get Williams or Beasley at 5
  12. Now let's see how the draft goes from here
  13. As a Special Teams player, I'm okay with it. After that, he needs to be on the bench. I don't care about what Smitty and company tried to do with him. I have seen enough of Kroy on the defensive side of the ball these last few seasons.
  14. Go Dawgs And Go Falcons!