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  1. A W is a W. Once we get some guys back from injury, we’ll be hard to beat until December in Atlanta.
  2. Kirby better give the keys to Brock and leave the Offense to Monken next year.
  3. Not getting Winfield Jr and now having to face him twice a year
  4. Does Pittman leaving for Arkansas make it easier to send Coley packing and find a new OC?
  5. Raekwon Davis, Derrick Brown, or Christian Wilkins
  6. If Kirby wants to hitch his wagon to Chaney after this crappy season, his future at UGA is on him. He's got till the end of 2018 to get us to Atlanta or he and McGarity can hit the road. I'm already thinking of bringing Bobo home as HC if the wheels fall off.
  7. Who are the top high school WRs in the country?
  8. As soon as the game is over, Kirby needs to skip the post game press conference and go add more talent to this upcoming recruiting class.
  9. Even if we lose this game, this is officially Eason's team now.
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