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  1. Justin Hardy! Good pick up
  2. Really wanted Rowe, but Collins will help this defense
  3. Alright Quinn, get Kendricks or Rowe
  4. From a UGA fan, I wish Todd great health and success in the league.
  5. Welcome Home, Vic!
  6. Yessss!!!!
  7. ****!!! Hope Bears take White
  8. Yes! Two more picks!
  9. Yes
  10. Get Williams or Beasley at 5
  11. Now let's see how the draft goes from here
  12. As a Special Teams player, I'm okay with it. After that, he needs to be on the bench. I don't care about what Smitty and company tried to do with him. I have seen enough of Kroy on the defensive side of the ball these last few seasons.
  13. Glad to see we got our new S&C coach in the program. Now let's work on a pay raise for Bobo.
  14. I'll say this. The last time he kept a coordinator too long before firing him (Martinez), it almost cost him his job. With no connection to Todd Grantham on a friendship level like Willie and McGarity as AD, I trust that Richt will make the right decision this time around and cut loose anybody he feels is making Georgia Football regress in a certain area on the field. If he does not and we go back to the years of losing to the UCFs in a bowl game, he will have to leave, unfortunately.