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  1. We will get embarrassed. Hope they call out the team again. Hope Roddy opens his mouth again More nails in Smittys coffin.
  2. do you know how to embed the video link? I really want people to see this video, it sums up Mike Smith and the failures of this team.
  3. Watch @ 4:35... this is a few years old too. He's gotten worse, see the challenge flag thrown last Sunday. Mike Smith is too busy being a "nice guy" you people want to complain why flags go against us, I say it's because of this. http://youtu.be/yBfMj3ORxz8?t=4m35s
  4. I never understood the "gets stronger with more carries" argument. It makes sense that the more you run the ball and if you run it successfully you wear down a defense but I don't agree that a single running back getting most of the carries has any impact and definitely does no make them stronger as the game goes on. Weak argument imo and sadly it is coming from one of our coaches.
  5. Has anyone ever seen the video where we got flagged for a penalty. Mike Smith walks up to the referee and says "your gonna call that" Ref says yeah that's what I saw. Mike Smith comes back with, Okay, I understand that's your call to make. Made me laugh when I saw him gently drop the challenge flag this week, no wonder we get flagged so much because smith is so passive the refs know he won't give them a hard time.
  6. this feels way too familiar. I am done calling for coaches to be fired, done questioning draft choices, I'm done arguing on this board and defending my opinion. I give up... I'm just going to put my homer goggles on and believe that everything is going to work out someday. Falcons Football is Falcons Football, let's just get used to it.
  7. I will not waste any more money on this team until a change is made.
  8. Baker, Blalock, Mack, Rookie OG, Oher. That looks pretty good. I'd be okay with spending our high 2nd round pick on the best OG available and trade up if needed.
  9. We need to move on from Mike Johnson, Garret Reynolds, Joe Hawley and start over. IMO the only players that are save on the line are Baker and Blalock. Not because of skill but because we are handcuffed due to the bad contracts TD gave out. I'd upgrade C, RG and RT if possible. Konz doesn't look like anything special, just keep him as the swing C/G
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