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  1. That's dumb he's not even under contract with the Falcons anymore, he only had a 1 year deal last year.
  2. I don't want to see the same defense take the field next year. F this no heart team
  3. Go to a historically black school and you will get a scholarship for being white.
  4. NFL owners are old guys with old values.
  5. Ok im sorry for calling you dumb or anything else, I now realize you are very naive to the real world Not your fault most people are.
  6. No it's because you thought a link that said more minority babies were born the white babies so you think that means white people are in the minority in the USA. That's why I called you dumb. There are still more white people in America then any other races right now.
  7. There is some really ignorant people in here, on how society works, lol if you think everyone is equal and there's no bias at all.
  8. You are freaking stupid. That doesn't say white are a minority
  9. No you didn't whites wont be a minority till the 2030's and then they will only consist of 49% percent of the country, and that's if the trend of Hispanics continue. You are pulling things out your butt.
  10. This is one of the worst things i've seen all day.
  11. Mike Tomlin was hired because of the Rooney rule. It was basically known the Steelers were going with Russ Grimm before they gave Mike his interview.
  12. Doesn't matter crappy SOS our 3rd stringers could come in and win every game on our schedule.
  13. It's legal anyways, you can grab the collar if the QB is in the pocket.
  14. I've been a Falcons fan all my life, since 93, im willing to drive 10 hours just to get to the Dome, my ex gave me a choice between her and the Falcons, I picked the Falcons. When I graduate college im planing on moving to Ga just so I can be a season ticket holder, and I have a nice camera.
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