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  1. Your right Willy he's already unstoppable on this planet.
  2. His power was he could jump high???? Really???? So if MJ went to that planet he would be unstoppable.
  3. Well we have next week and the week after that and so on and so on untill we get our chance at you.
  4. I agree. I will not watch the movie if I read the book. Ever since Queen of The Dam I felt like that movie Shitted on Ann Rice. Game of Thrones has been pretty good thoe in keeping with the book. I'm still sick about the Red Wedding.
  5. Lord of the Rings 1 of the best trilogies ever. Return of The King was way to long but still was a top line movie.
  6. John Carter sucked. God that was a horrible movie. I rate that just ahead of Waterworld and Dude Where's my Car.
  7. I'm glad you feel like these guys respect you. But like I said your respect matter little to me and now that your team is facing some hardships I see the type of fan you are. All that high and mighty behaviour before the season comes back to haunt you and instead of taking it like a man you turn *****. Plus the only reason we are in this debate is you. Because your team is ready to hand the NFCS to the Saints (which they are not). Doesn't mean my team is. The fact that I was only stating my team has a chance when you lump us in to your misery shows your a childish person. The conversation between me and Kevo had nothing to do with you when you laid down and gave up.
  8. Smith is 1 of the reason you've been relevant. But I guess 1 bad start shows what kinda of fan some of you truly are. But you will not take away my sunshine I'm enjoying this to much.
  9. Falcon Fans are buying rope and Climbing tall buildings. Rivals didn't start this thread. Not our fault yours and other mouths makes this a little comical. LOL!!!
  10. "I'm butt hurt and I hate when people get joy out of my disappointment" That what I got from this post.
  11. You have to be Ray Charles to not see I've been here. But hey try anything you can to get over what's happening now.
  12. You think this is a fight??? LOL!!! This dude is a clown. Lets go over Cheff Boyradee's actions tonight. 1. He's already crowned the Saints NFCS Champions after 4 weeks. And already praying for a wild card birth. Pretty much giving up on his Superbowl bound team which we heard of all offseason. 2. He says only 12 years olds gamble (and he never does it) then proceeds to put up $10,000 dollars. A comical amount of money to bet a total stranger. Which is something a 12 year old who doesn't understand the value of money would do. 3. He boast about "5 Years of Falcon Greatness" which amounted 1 playoff win. At what point do we realize that Cheff might be a teen or disabled???
  13. I guess reading comprehension is a problem for you. And you got another thing wrong I'm not little but keep thinking your respect means something.
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