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  1. Nine times out of 10 they just won't admit it. they let their pride get in the way.....
  2. If he ever played for anybody else he would get some respect. it's like not only he has to fight the media but has to fight for respect from his own fanbase.... But it amazes me how he Keeps his head high through it all....
  3. I mean that's understandable but at the same time everybody knows that football is not a one-man show....it's a team dynamic.... we in a society today where everybody wants it now instead of understanding that everything is a process and matt had to go through that process by learning a brand new offense.... And last season he reaped the rewards of going through that process...... And hashbrown you and I both know that most folks don't like matt and most of the time of the dislike for him...it's not even about football.... and 2015 you saw most individuals in our fan base true
  4. And people wanted to get rid of matt..... I'm just going to be brutally honest we got a lot of Fake Two-Faced individuals in our fan base man...... Even Swift was looking stupid as **** on Twitter........ I can't wait for Matt and Co.to come back this season and shut them up even more.....
  5. http://www.thefalcoholic.com/2017/3/21/15017614/report-atlanta-falcons-reaping-huge-savings-at-linebacker-in-2017
  6. Ok they went 2-2 in (10,11) and made the playoffs....Big Deal The Regular Season is in Three Weeks......
  7. That's fine.....DK and Smitty knows Matt's Tendencies..... It's the small tendencies too that we fans may not notice but they do. Think about that combination against any NFC South rival. Both have been in the division for awhile and Smitty has had time to sit back and reflect on how to improve on things that he did wrong. Unless we knock out an excellent FA and draft, I'm just not confident. Blame that on TD. If I'm wrong, I will gladly eat crow and admit it.
  8. I was talking about matt and do you don't think he'll love nothing more but to beat us twice a year????? Come on manHim and DK know Matt better than any of us on this board
  9. And they have the 9th pick in the draft.....
  10. Folks weren't worried about Tampa this year either with a "rookie" QB and sh*t got real. Unless the players quit on Koetter or Smith, then I see more of the same.
  11. Bring out the brooms. You have 2 coaches that know our tendencies and we still have a bum of a GM. Smitty would love to stick it to Dimitroff. Can't say that I blame him too much.
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