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  1. On deteriorating relationship with Julio Jones. Didn’t see a thread. Can anybody post the full article? https://theathletic.com/2801337/2021/08/31/schultz-falcons-arthur-blank-opens-up-on-deteriorating-relationship-with-julio-jones/?amp#click=https://t.co/YneRDeDVN6
  2. Clemson fan here. Chill out lol. At least let the guy get some real reps, because from what I’ve seen in his limited snaps so far he hasn’t been impressive
  3. I’ll never forget I went to that Chiefs game and we lost on that Eric Berry pick-2. Franchise always does the unthinkable
  4. He’s the only person left they’ve actually heard of that comes close to fitting a need
  5. Yea defense did a good job allowing “only” 26 pts instead of their usual 30+
  6. Did Drew Brees say that? Or did Sean Payton and their OC realize that they got their ***** whooped last game, they have half their OL gone, and that they needed to make adjustments? Drew Brees isn’t out there calling plays. Matt can’t get the ball out in 2.5 seconds if there are no routes called where he can get the ball out in 2.5 seconds. Matt had some off throws AS EVERY QB DOES but if you watch that game and think its matt’s fault we lost/Matt is the problem idk what to tell yall
  7. Him calling 3 man rushes on 3rd and long and it failing every time told me all i need to know.
  8. I doubt he has anything against them. Its just that most UGA players just arent as good as you UGA fans think lol
  9. Majority of the money on the Falcons right now so the line should go down. Id hop on now if you’re a gambler lol
  10. Its going to be like playing the saints honestly, except Gurley is one guy and not two. Hopefully Goff’s inexperience comes into play.
  11. Idk how people in this thread were saying it was an accident. He clearly, purposely led with his helmet, and it was also a blindside hit. CFB would call that launching/targeting and he’d def be ejected. Should be the same here biggest thing though is if Devanta Adams had been in instead of Geronimo Allison i def. think the packers would have tied the game
  12. I can’t even tell if its a serious thread or not, thats how bad(or good? Trolling?) this is
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