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  1. Yea defense did a good job allowing “only” 26 pts instead of their usual 30+
  2. Did Drew Brees say that? Or did Sean Payton and their OC realize that they got their ***** whooped last game, they have half their OL gone, and that they needed to make adjustments? Drew Brees isn’t out there calling plays. Matt can’t get the ball out in 2.5 seconds if there are no routes called where he can get the ball out in 2.5 seconds. Matt had some off throws AS EVERY QB DOES but if you watch that game and think its matt’s fault we lost/Matt is the problem idk what to tell yall
  3. People kill defenseless animals all the time is my thing. Deer, cow, all those are defenseless. Then you can bring up dogs being domesticated... Well you can domesticate plenty of animals if you get them young. Now im not going to sit here and condone killing dogs. I couldn't do it. But, to me, it is just another animal. They don't have rights more than any other animal and also shouldnt be calued more than a human. Should he have to pay a fine or something, sure. But to do jail time for it is crazy to me.
  4. Ban him from his livelihood and do multiple years in prison for an animal? Absurd, imo. Animals get killed everyday so what
  5. Was really hoping Mass got a chance this year... Ima be upset if he goes elsewhere and flourishes