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  1. My confidence level has taken a huge hit the last two games. I’m hoping they get their act together this week.
  2. Bottom line Grady, your penalty cost the team a critical turnover at a critical point in the game. No excuse!
  3. Suck is all we have to embrace.
  4. I’m terrified of the Falcons.
  5. He doesn't look comfortable to me. I don't know if he's lost confidence in his oline, receivers, or a combination of the two.
  6. I hope not. Armstrong should have been fired last year all the Weems misqueues. Every punt is a near miss, and the weekly penalties are killing us.
  7. Two things always irritate me. Untimely penalties and missed tackles. Both of these things have been momentum changers, which I believe have contributed to much closer outcomes.
  8. I would add too many missed tackles to the Bad. Everything else you've got covered.
  9. They gave Simms every opportunity to win the #2 spot, and he blew it.
  10. I try to keep things in perspective. These games are for the young guys, most of whom won't make the team. Things that catch my eye are missed blocks, missed tackles, dropped passes, and turnovers. If we come out of the preseason healthy, I consider it a success.
  11. Never a doubt in my mind...
  12. No love lost here.
  13. Emmitt, at least you didn't wake up with a challenger in your yard. Given the magnitude of the game, it was the most agonizing Falcons loss I've ever experienced.