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  1. I'm not feeling it. The defense has yet to give me the confidence I need.
  2. Turned the game off. Going to let you guys give the play by play.
  3. I hope they extend Armstrong's contract.
  4. Don't worry folks. It's all correctable.
  5. We watched this crap all preseason. Why is anyone surprised it's happening now?
  6. Is it too late to drop the hammer?
  7. If the team practices at full speed as Quinn says they do, then timing shouldn’t be an issue.
  8. I don't remember the year, but the Falcons played the 49ers at Fulton County stadium. John Brodie was their QB.
  9. This is DQ's MO. It's all about evaluation. We will never have a championship caliber pre-season.
  10. I knew Julio would hold out during preseason.
  11. If you've followed this team long enough, you don't have a mind left to lose.
  12. Is this some kind of Jedi mind trick?
  13. Shouldn’t every player elevate their game, not just six?
  14. i suppose Arthur will call Roger again to express his dissatisfaction.