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  1. Is this some kind of Jedi mind trick?
  2. Shouldn’t every player elevate their game, not just six?
  3. i suppose Arthur will call Roger again to express his dissatisfaction.
  4. It all starts in the trenches.
  5. I'm sure he's curled up in a corner somewhere sucking his thumb.
  6. Are you kidding? They practice this all the time. It's called the knee drill. He just didn't get the second knee up to make the catch.
  7. Do we ever get the ball across the 15 yard line on ST?
  8. Just when you think you've seen it all with Falcons, they pull a new one out of their a$$.
  9. How bad do you want it?
  10. When are the Falcons not playing a great defense?
  11. Rise Up Brothers and Sisters. Go Falcons!
  12. Armstrong should have been gone two years ago. If the Arizona gig falls through, maybe Gruden can use him in Oakland.
  13. Leave it to ST to slow us down.