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  1. matt must have been hella up in that GYM on them WEIGHTS! ... dudes arm has gotten better!
  2. I can't believe they brought back SCHAUB MAN!!! HOLY S****!! .. AND .... DWIGHT FREENY!?!?!?! ...
  3. Yeah and you havent missed a **** thing except embarrassment
  4. At least someone gets it ..i was worry and stress free today and was able to spend time on the wifes birthday
  5. Dont get mad at me because you watched it and and ur feeling all p i s s e d off ... Not wasting my time watching matt ryan destroy another game and surely enough I WAS RIGHT ... Besides today was the wifeys birthday and that was more important
  6. Had a feeling it was gonna be ugly .. Hear matt ryan got benched lol
  7. great .. aaand of course .. panthers win again .. i swear up and down this s*** is set up .. there's just .. now way carolina is THIS good ... granted yeah yeah they got number 24 on defense w.e f*** him and the linbackers they have a stacked D but my god im sick of them not losing ...
  8. brees is just marchin right down the field .... im jealous as f**** to both their quarterbacks ...
  9. ehhh doesn't matter who wins or loses for us anyways we're freakin done for the season ...
  10. no im sorry i DO NOT want to see the panthers undefeated still and I DO NOT want to hear that bs on the radio everymorning in their commercials and the station for "YOUR UNDEFEATED CAROLINA PANTHERS" AHH dont wannt hear it anymore!! PLEASE stains for once i can't f*** stand your team but PLEASE beat the **** panthers .. "got D**** i can't believe im saying this" ...
  11. I think hes basically thrown one of those .. on every lost game we've had this year including the ones we lost ... people have to realize to .. those games that we were .. we were trailing behind in those games and THEN came back...only thing thats disappeared is we can't even try to catch up now
  12. true but he was definitely behind that blatant last interception though ..
  13. matty *SALUTE*"MAAAAAAJOR F*** UP HERE!!!" ryan .....
  14. watch hightlights of the last play over and over again and laugh my a*** off till i dont feel anything
  15. no way its the entire freakin coaching system ... dirk kotter just rubbed DIRT IN OUR FACE ....
  16. matt "indecisive passing" ryan ... i can do this all day lol
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