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  1. 24 - 9? Jameis must of played 'lights out' after being inserted after halftime.
  2. Here we are laughing at the Hill kid, and at halftime he... ...has a better QB rating than MR (100.5 to 58.2) ...has better average per attempt than MR (9.8 to 6.8) ...has higher completion percentage (69.2 to 57.1) What did momma use to say about 'casting stones while living in glass houses'?
  3. Roddy had 6 more TDs than JJ with his 808 passes. Either Roddy is underrated or JJ is overrated. Can't be both.
  4. I say this with the knowledge that many will vehemently oppose me and light me up for saying this. I truly think we well beyond re-tooling this team to be competitive....we need a flat out re-build. That said, for us, the optimal value for our 34 year old quarterback (35 next year) is as a trade bait not as a player. If we could find a partner (Miami anyone?) who would cough up a king's ransom for #2, it could set us up nicely in the draft next year. For instance, if we could pry away Miami's one next year to go along with what we will ultimately end up with, we could be in position to pick two of the top five picks in the draft. All this said....the coaching staff and front office has to go...and the sooner the better. Now have at me.
  5. At the end of year, clean house, including MR. Trade him to Miami for a bevy of picks including their 2020 Number One (ala Dallas' Hershel trade of yore). That would give us two top five picks (likely top three picks). Pick Tua from Bama and Thomas from GA next year. Tap into our hated rivals coaching staff and lure Carmichael from New Orleans as Head Coach and sign a Running Back in FA. Every other draft pick should be spent on defense.
  6. Who will be in town to play the Saints on February 3rd? KC gets my shaky vote.
  7. Good Game Falcons....could have went either way, for sure. I not so sure why some in your fan base question MR. This loss is not on him. Both your offensive line and receivers need to pick it up. Ryan can only throw the ball...he can't protect and catch it. Your defense, with your young corners did an outstanding job against a seasoned offensive juggernaut. The only thing that happened this afternoon is that we took care of business at home. You'll get your chance on Thanksgiving. One thing is for sure, barring injuries, that game won't be a 'turkey'. Not to boast...but only to show my loyalty...GO Saints!!!
  8. Anybody put a mike in front of Roddy's puss? I'm interested in hearing what he has to say. My suggestion to the imature White....WIN SOMETHING BEFORE YOU TALK YOUR TRASH....YOUR SMACK MAY HAVE HELPED CLIP YOUR 'BIRD'S WINGS!!!! Just Say'n
  9. Roddy, are you done talk'n yet? Truly, Falcon Fans, it was a pleasure watching the two best tight ends in football carving up each other's defense. It was a shame to see the second best tight end choke in crunch time. Just the facts!!!
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