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  1. At this point... should we just tank? We need to rebuild our o line and d line and the only way I see us doing that is getting high picks in the draft. AT BEST I see 7-9 this year. We might as well just lose out for good picks.
  2. Everyone needs to chill out. It is only preseason.
  3. it wasn't official right? I thought they had just talked to him about a deal.
  4. It is the second day of free agency. We have the cap space to get a couple mid tier free agents. There is a deep draft this year, and we should be able to nab a very good de in the first. We will most likely get Gillislie In the 2nd or 3rd, which should help this offense a lot. We resigned most of our important guys. What is the problem? This team should be even better this especially with Julio and Ryan having another year of experience.
  5. Well.. Seems like the current market price for LTs. Sure feels like we overpaid though. And whoever said that TD was running this franchise into the ground is an idiot. We would be not be anywhere close to where we are without him. How about you wait until after the draft to make these over reactionary statements... SMH at these armchair GMs
  6. Please no... I'm not usually superstitious but Julio being on the cover would make me nervous
  7. All this talk about Ryan's cozy dome is stupid. Ryan played better on the road this season.
  8. I'd rather have a close game than a blowout even if I hate the niners
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