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  1. Remember this Rave, that you had no response for... If he was targeted 164 times, and you subtract 27. That means he's targeted 137 times. Julio caught 64% of his passes. That means he would have had 88 receptions. 88 x 15.3 = 1,346 yards. So yes, he would have, and THAT'S ASSUMING his comp % stays at 64% with less targets and that his average doesn't climb (both are unlikely with a smaller sample size)
  2. You have zero integrity mash... ...I feel sorry for you so I won't slam you in front of your friends. But just remember who tried to start a bunch of drama on our boards, and who reported me here.
  3. I restored your account, I'm trying to restore your portion of the backed up SQL database to find out what happened but I am at work and that takes a lot of effort.
  4. I never told you I COULD NOT. I told you the mods could not. I said NO ONE can view your password, which is true. We can only change it. Why you take crap to these levels is beyond me, but if you want to not look like an a$$ i suggest you log back on at the other board and reread your PM to me about the situation before I'm forced to have to post it here.
  5. Not only did it not happened, but then he proceeded to ask me and meezy to delete his login and posts, to which we did neither. Which is only further proof that I would not delete Danights log in.
  6. You really want me to post screen shots, don't make me do it...
  7. I did not, I have no doubt meezy did not. I doubt you did, right? This was done on June 21st @ 6:42pm Pacific Time.
  8. A user has unregistered from RivalsCentral.net. Display Name: NukeBot Email Address: ****ight@***.com IP Address: ***.**.***.*** Interesting... Meanwhile I blocked out your japanese spoofed ip and email for protection purposes
  9. Is this post intended to harass, belittle, humiliate, threaten or cause embarrassment to a fellow member? It seems like it might be...
  10. Danight did not report me. WFW did not report me. Chef did not report me. No one who has been pretending to be a regular here reported me.
  11. I can't seem to find the report button. As an expert in finding said button, I'm sure you can help. Right?
  12. Stop worrying about others and find peace within yourself my friend. Only then will your life pieces fall in to place.
  13. Dan Quinn is a great motivator with the charisma of a world leader. He will assist in righting the ship that is AFMB RC.
  14. I agree des. Vick and Iverson could use a bit more stability in their lives. The were led astray from spiritual atonement
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