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  1. Hey... woah woah woah... Don't bring my name into this. I'm talking to rave in this thread.
  2. Sounds like you and any random Cowboy of the week...
  3. quit being a vagine...
  4. Cavs win outright. I win Warriors win outright. You win Loser sports avatar of winners choice until NFL training camp starts... Deal?
  5. avatar bet?
  6. Cleveland is going to smash on you...
  7. The Warriors are constantly actin' a fool. Like this:
  8. Cavs in 5
  9. Lebbbbbrroooooooons
  10. 13% from 3, 40% shooting... The Atlanta Dream would be better than this.
  11. Why take a fuggin time out? These fuggers suck. Let them get embarrassed, they deserve it.