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  1. Hey... woah woah woah... Don't bring my name into this. I'm talking to rave in this thread.
  2. Sounds like you and any random Cowboy of the week...
  3. quit being a vagine...
  4. Ready for the ride-a-long Sidecar Kevo?
  5. I bet that would be pretty entertaining though...
  6. Kevo is one of my original targets... ...he's one of my OTs.
  7. Sidecar Kevo! When his sidecar doesn't have motorcycle driving it around, it goes no where...
  8. Yeah. Everyone dogged on him constantly, now everyone has a yeast infection or something...
  9. Got your skirt hiked up a little high huh?
  10. I hung Db out to dry? The fug are you talking about... And I don't want SSK banned. I'd report him if that were the case. Crook tried to call me out for one comment I made after making several of the same type comments only weeks before. You drunk or something?
  11. Don't try to exclude yourself from his statement. You are the foulest stench of the bunch.
  12. Deported
  13. Yep... He was all up in WFWs butthole telling mono everything he could think of about his past.
  14. No. You straight snitched. Period. You and everyone else calling out WFWs entire posting past. You snitched like a school girl.
  15. He called you a liar, but you posted examples of him calling other people stuff and called him out for calling you a homo for a while... You snitched when a Mod was in the thread, But that's different huh? OK...