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  1. 38.4 ppg over the last 5 games, 36.8 over the last 10 Oh SNAP.
  2. And they're all making more money than you ever will.Keep the respectability nonsense to yourself, Bill Cosby, and stick to football talk.
  3. As you can see by the only avatar I've ever had on this board, I have absolutely no interest in this whatsoever.
  4. This thread, man. Sheesh. I hope none of you ever have daughters because they are DOOMED.
  5. I think we're actually relegated to the CFL after this performance.
  6. Knee jerk reaction much, OP? What a fail thread.
  7. This thread is exactly why I hate fantasy sports. Look at all these so-called Falcons fans hedging their fandom and two-timing the home team. Shameful.
  8. Sometimes I wonder if AFMB posters realize that outside of our little universe, *most* NFL fans would love having Cam Newton as their quarterback. I love our quarterback and likely wouldn't trade him for anybody in the league but I'm also objective enough to realize that you guys go so overboard when it comes to Cam. I wonder if any part of it is due to the Bulldawg in some (most?) of y'all. Do y'all hate Tim Tebow and Nick Marshall this much too?? lol
  9. Whaddya know? Get some pressure in there and Brees suddenly is hearing footsteps!
  10. I'm really disappointed in some of y'all. How could any red-blooded Falcons fan forget The Beast Quake Game?? You know, the game where Marshawn Lynch buried the entire Aints defense on one play? The stadium was so loud they triggered a small earthquake. AN EARTHQUAKE Y'ALL. That's my favorite non-Falcons playoff game OF ALL TIME just because of how bad the Aints got clowned. Oh, and the year that stadium triggered an earthquake, the Seahawks were 7-9. Bandwagon fans? Not so much. Seattle is just a different animal when it comes to sports fandom. I don't know that anyone can explain it. **** th
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