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  1. Falcons pull a miracle season and win a ring this year. Ryan SB MVP, Pitts Roty
  2. Gotta earn the 84 imo. High draft status doesn't mean you've made it.
  3. Ok friend. I don't wanna get this thread locked so I'll leave it.
  4. It's YOUR initial assumption (first post) that this is not race related. Then in your next post, you give credence to the guy that mentions since the killer said its not race related, it's not race related. The entire Asian American community said things will get worse and then this happens. It's not a coincidence. Sexual addiction may be related but if you can't see that race is a factor when only Asian businesses were targeted, I don't think I'll be able to convince you anyways.
  5. So the killer of 8 innocent people makes a statement and you automatically believe his statement as fact? The first thing a lawyer would do is to advise him to say this since a hate crime comes with much harsher penalties. In addition, just the fact that he chose asian places of business as targets when there are hundreds of non Asian adult businesses in the Atlanta area could show that he sees Asians as either easy targets or the cause of his issues. Tldr. Don't trust the words of a killer. Edit. Also, if you wait a few days in this day and age, you've already lost the attention of the audience you are trying to reach.
  6. I remember watching tape of Andrew Luck and RG3 and being in awe of their potential. They were sure bets then and Ryan has outlasted them. So no one ever knows, but I agree, let's roll the dice.. What do we have to lose.
  7. Harbaugh has 2 jobs. Win games and beat Ohio State. You really think a guy that gets dominated vs rivals is our answer to Sean Payton?
  8. IMO, you don't take a knee there. You get as close as possible to make Koo's kick as easy as possible. It's not an automatic kick, he's missed extra points before. A hand off to your RB should be a safe play to pull that off. It's on Gurley.
  9. You know he comes every home game. It's just that we lose so often it looks like he only comes down in losses.
  10. We are ATLANTA! Our losing mentality won't leave with just a HC change. We gotta burn it all down and start over. I've been saying this for a while now and people just call me a hater that hates watching our Team.
  11. Looks like being "uncomfortable" in practice made a difference.
  12. If we could only play against Cousins and Cookless Vikings every week. Unfortunately, when we play better teams it will probably end up like the GB game.
  13. No of course not. That's why a new GM needs to come in and assess our assets ASAP. If we can get value for aging assets, make that transaction all day and build for the future. The GM will do the "Rebuilding", not the coach.
  14. Belichick is never leaving. Arthur wouldn't pull any dirty Parcells **** either since Kraft is his buddy. Not saying this is even a possibility, but you'd have better luck trying to lure Saban.
  15. In Rich McKays interview, he basically said they're not gonna tie the hands of a new GM. So basically, no one is safe. That's what I want to hear. Gotta make the tough decisions to move forward.
  16. Yup. Same with the Braves and Hawks rebuilds. They can't start until you unload bad contracts and flip your aging assets. Let the 🔥 sale begin.
  17. Well the writing's been on the wall for quite a time now so I hope they made preparations. The millions they made each year will undoubtedly help them land on their feet. Blank might not have fired them on the spot but could have given them one of those Hard Knocks moments... "come see me in my office after your press conference.. Bring your playbook"
  18. But seriously, just keep Ridley, Garrett, and the young guys.
  19. I'm happy but it's still a little bittersweet. The hopes.. The dissapointments. I met my wife when the TD era started and I told her TD was a freakin genius after we got Ryan and Turner. This would be the golden era of the Falcons. Watched that first game vs Detroit together I seriously thought we hit the lottery. My daughter was born right after the 2017 NFCCG and I gave her a squishy Falcons football that I got DQ to sign that summer. Told her this will be worth a lot one day because in 2 weeks, DQ will take us to the promised land. 😪
  20. Fire TD and DQ today. Open up that vacancy and start the search for new HC candidates Monday. Let other teams know that we have assets to trade. This season is done. It's all about building for the future.
  21. This is DLed quoting "someone familiar with the situation". Probably the same person that told him to wait outside the gates for Rex Ryan. I'd take it with a grain of salt.
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