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  1. Everyone has to go. It's time. TD, DQ, and everyone they brought in. Start the rebuild now.
  2. As good as Ryan is performing, do you think the next big head coaching candidate will want to leave his current cushy job to go to a team with an aging QB and no flexibility in the draft?
  3. Dang, it's literally just a sticker. Lol I love the Satin look. I think it's a good compromise from the people that wanted Matte and the people that wanted Gloss. I like the facemask but still iffy on the chrome outline.
  4. Back to Black! Black on black is the official home combo. Love it.
  5. Because the leaks yesterday. Simple as that.
  6. Not gonna say I told you so about Falcons going away from throwbacks but.... I personally think they nailed it. Mix of old and new with the emphasis on new. No one wants to be reminded of when we sucked. Looks fresh.
  7. You know they're not mutually exclusive. Why not have both.
  8. Hahahhahaha... Someone please post the Niners INT celebration. Reminded me of the Saints and I immediately knew KC would make a comeback. Hahaha
  9. AB: Well it's the first time in 17 years that we're changing them which is remarkable to me because I didn't realize it was quite that long. But I did remember when we first bought the team a couple years later that we did change it – and that was a great change at that time. I think that this look that fans will feel, experience and see and hopefully wear is one that's more in keeping with a contemporary look and feel that our fans are looking for – a little more flair. I think the level combinations is one of the things that struck me about the tops and bottoms, the way they could be combine
  10. Just a warning to everyone before yall meltdown in April. The new uniforms will NOT be what you want. When you see teams that have newer old school style uniforms, they are usually teams with a history and a deep fanbase. Atlanta does not have a winning tradition nor a rich deep fanbase. Atlanta needs newer generation fans for revenue. The Mercedez Benz stadium is not about Old School, gritty football. It's about new , high flying, fast with the latest technology. The city of Atlanta is currently about growth and change, not sticking to old ways. The new uniforms will reflect that. If yo
  11. That I know. But momentum can be a strong force. Look at our SB.
  12. Hate when refs calls make such giant differences. That PI and the no-call on the out of bounds.
  13. Seeing the Titans hold that lead hurts my soul. **** you Shanahan for not running the ball.
  14. This is what I get for pumping up Lamar to the folks I'm watching with that don't follow NFL.
  15. Wow. I'm just glad ravens hit that last field goal. 28-3 and have Titans hold a lead would've sucked.
  16. Lamar looking like a rookie. Felt the pressure and didn't do anything to protect the ball.
  17. I'd say he earned his spot. Kid's a football player.
  18. Maybe our tape against niners can also be some payback for all those years of beatdowns.
  19. FTS! FTS! Sending thanks to our Viking brothers.
  20. Yeah I don't think DQ would even know to kill the clock with all those penalties and piss off BB like that.
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