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  1. I'll watch to see Takk summon the undead spirit of Lawrence Taylor and throw a wrench into the cocky Saints fan's dreams.
  2. Just think about this...if Keanu weren't injured, he probably would've ended Brees's career in that first came when he ran in for that TD. Instead, fate realizes this is Atlanta, and we have our current situation with the Saints rolling an the Falcons looking to the draft.
  3. Game planning and preparation seem to be lacking for us as well. DQ needs to get back to his forte and call the defense. Sark and Knapp need to have backup plans for when things aren't clicking. We need more accountability and discipline. We are the tested repeat-playoff team but play like amateurs out there.
  4. As much as I despise Belichick, you still gotta respect the guy and ask what would he do? Probably trade Julio. Probably cut Tru after the Browns game and let Vic go in the off season.
  5. I'm getting on board with this. And I'm a huge Ryan defender. Changes gotta be made to keep up. Status quo will not get us over the bump.
  6. The salaries are the issue. How are we going to build the lines when skill positions take up all the cap.
  7. I'd rather suck and win the superbowl once in 2028 than have a decade of 9-7, 10-6 early elimination seasons. I'm past the tipping point on TD. And when you replace TD, domino's will fall.
  8. Should the Falcons pull a Gruden? It is becoming apparent that our roster as currently put together can't make it out of the NFC South much less the NFC and win a Superbowl? Do we have too much money tied up at QB and WR especially with Julio maybe asking for more this off-season? Should we embrace the suck, trade Ryan and Julio for picks and draft first rounders for the next few years in the trenches, and start a rebuild? I vote yes. I'm in this for the long run and would like a championship before I croak.
  9. We are cursed. There's no denying it. I have accepted it. The only way to break this curse unfortunately is something monumental (Katrina). The Saints were a handshake away from being moved to San Antonio. Falcons will have to shake things up. Trade away our best QB in history to a better team, watch him win a title, and sell our souls going after the next MV7 that will invigorate the fanbase. One day my son will see us win a championship. Just hope I'm around to celebrate with him.
  10. I doubt we win. We are undermanned and not clicking in any phase. But what I do ask is go out there and play like it's the superbowl. I'm not saying go after guys legs, just make sure the opponent can feel it next week and the week after.
  11. Anyone got Tanya Harding's number? Asking for a friend
  12. Good time out. We don't like OT
  13. I've been watching him today. On plays where he's not targeted, he still gives wayyy to much room. He doesn't have the speed anymore or length to compensate. Brees or Rodgers will see this.