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  1. That's awesome. Gonna get one
  2. Michael Thomas. Let's see how hot you are without Brees.
  3. And the thing that amazes me is young teams and young QBs having good games while our veteran team looks like amateurs.
  4. God help us when the NFL removes 2 pre-season games. We'll be 0-4 by the time we gel.
  5. Yup. Who knew Jesus
  6. Curses are hard to break. Needed a fresh start to exorcize our demons after the SB. We are paying that price now. With a new regime, we need a new branding, uniforms, the works.
  7. He's 4. Time is ticking Arthur!
  8. Burn it all down and maybe we can rebuild and win a championship before my kid does to college.
  9. Season is early my friend
  10. We needed a corner. Tall corners were the hot thing at the time and TD went with Tru and Alford.
  11. Never forget. TD traded a 3rd to get Trufant at 22. Xavier was picked at 25.
  12. Benz is gonna be empty next week....