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  1. lol. Wanda!!
  2. If your only mode of transportation will be MARTA, a day pass may be worth it . A 3 day pass is like $16. So that's $64 for your family. You can do stuff around 5points and take the east/west line to Mercedes without paying again. Or take the train to Lennox/Buckhead, Peachtree Station, etc.
  3. I didn't get a chance to see the replay. Was the Interception tipped? Or did Matty just float it? LOL. Nevermind. Answered right above
  4. These announcers are calling a Bucs game. Ridiculous.
  5. Falcons let them convert a 4th a 4. And we wonder why opponents don't respect us.
  6. Braves are a good story and I want to support them again like I did growing up. But I've been to 2 games this year at SunTrust. It's really tough to get through 9 innings of baseball without at least 4 beers and 2 Jamesons. The pace of the game, atmosphere of the crowd, and overall experience (excitement wise) compared to a United game is night and day.
  7. Sark's response sounded a lot like something Shanny would have responded with. As smart as everyone keeps saying Matt is, he's not Peyton Manning. Remember when Shanny said that Matt wasn't allowed to change most plays? There was a reason for that and it worked. Matt just needs to gel with Sark and Knapp until they can anticipate each other. It's week 2. We'll see what happens.
  8. So we learned Jack **** from last year
  9. Maybe starters should take Preseason snaps instead of guys that will be cut.
  10. Flags flags flags flags flags
  11. It's his first NFL game ever.