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  1. Toss crack, then penetrate that hole. Good stuff DJ!
  2. It wasn't even the last play of the game like our situation with Roddy. Saints were given opportunities to score, even won the coin toss and blew it. Refs didn't throw the Int. Get over it! In second thought, don't get over it. Ever. Lol.
  3. Not only big plays but I seem to recall a bunch of weird clock management from the refs when we played them. Plays stopping the clock for no reason when they need it and the clock still running when our guys go out of bounds.
  4. Other teams are chiming in. Saw some others on Twitter yesterday. Vikings and Panthers fans posted some.
  5. Here's a couple. It's actually pretty fun. Haha
  6. Awesome. 92.9 said he has around 7 dealerships in the South. We should troll all of them.
  7. I did a loud Ric Flair impression in a crowded restaurant after the kick went in. From the looks I got, apparently, no one else was interested in the game.
  8. Nope. What will bother me is Foles AND Goff beating Brady when Ryan fell short.
  9. Or they'll get the CAM treatment. Cry like a baby and call us out, then you're on your own.
  10. In a weird way, I don't want Rams to win. If it were KC, then fine. But I don't feel right with 2 teams consecutively coming in and doing what we failed to do. I'd rather us have lost to the best of all time than lost to the losers of the past 2 SBs.
  11. LOL. That was the exact play I was thinking of on my last post. The fix was in way before that play but it couldn't have been more obvious after that.
  12. I've seen too many favorable calls for them to feel they have any right for anything.
  13. My thoughts exactly. Hopefully they learn from our mistakes
  14. Good football today. And to think just a couple years ago, we could've hung with any of these teams.
  15. NFL Blitz rules. I like his style.