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  1. Fair enough but you can't take away the 2017 season either and AB has been a production beast for the past 5 years. Yards and TDs he puts up are crazy. But if anyone has seen my past posts about this subject, I've ALWAYS favored Julio. But he's gotta do better. After his dismantling of GB and first half vs Patriots in the SB, I expected 2017 to be the season we put this debate to rest. Too bad that didn't happen.
  2. I could easily put together a AB highlight reel but it would look like I'm dogging on Julio which I'm not. With ABs production this year and Julio's lack of TDs along with critical drops like Carolina and Philly games, it's hard to put him on top.
  3. OK. Maybe not this exact play but AB is pretty clutch. I sport my #11 jersey just about every game but his drops this year dropped him down a notch.
  4. Which one would make this catch.
  5. This is me waiting for Luck and RG3 to be better than Ryan.. Like my coworkers in 2012 ALL guaranteed.
  6. Screw McDaniels. Shady as **** especially to the assistants that already agreed to the job. They have families and careers as well Sadly some college team will pay him tons of money if he fails as a HC. Look at Pigtrino or Kiffin.
  7. Yup. An NFC Title and Divisional round playoffs in the past 2 years. Yet some around here act like we're the Cleveland Browns.
  8. Like +1000. This is the same fanbase that was saying Dan Quinn is a loser and Kirby will show him how it's done in big games. I mean REALLY?? Why does being a Dawgs fan mean you gotta krap on the Falcons when you live in the same city. I never understood this about CERTAIN uga fans.
  9. HAHA.. this is the same fanbase that called Freeman classless after he tweeted a response to Payton's choke taunting. The entire city, fans, newspapers, Saints organization are classless. I wish this wasn't the case as a good rivalry should be about good football. A good Steelers/Raven rivalry that let's it play out on the field. But sadly, the Saints have are dragging this into the mud. I pray that Arthur does not stoop down to their level.
  10. If Julio catches that ball that went through his hands, we beat the almighty unstoppable Eagles. Would DQ get the credit? Nope the same folks saying Pederson is the new Jesus would give him a pass like they did when DQ whooped McVay.
  11. Exactly. But to some people on here, we need to scrap everything, fire Quinn, hire a Pedersen clone, not have a franchise quarterback, and model our entire organization to emulate the Eagles.
  12. Turned it off after Phillys 2nd TD. Going to hit the gym. **** this
  13. My problem with this is that.. 8 articles all go back to a single tweet made by a Saints writer. There are articles that just quote another article as a source. Lazy Twitter "journalism". Who knows... Could be true but I don't trust the Saints.
  14. The Falcoholic just quoted a tweet from a guy that covers the Saints. They need to be better than that. Follow up on the story and verify before putting **** up.