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  1. LOL. Please don't compare him with DuckButt. I almost forgot that monumental mistake.
  2. So playing smart is soft. I bet you think this guy was tough then.
  3. Was thinking that too. Whatever he did, he's not welcome back in the A. Cmon Vaughn and Dled, ask the good questions.
  4. Who knows... maybe McKissic talked some smack on the way out or during the week. It did seem a little personal out there. I'll be here waiting for the league to explain that intentional grounding.....
  5. Mike Mularkey approves.
  6. Opponent know they ALWAYS have a chance against us no matter the score or time.
  7. Get a first down here. Do not run it 3 straight plays up the middle
  8. That was Falcons finish football
  9. Losing momentum here
  10. Take it. Trust The D