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  1. Dammm... Rockin that bumpy face in Vodka. At least it's not Gin. That **** will make you sin.
  2. Well it seems they at least partly got the message. Coverage of mini camp has been better. Let's see if how training camp goes.
  3. Just as we expect every player to self critique and look for ways to improve, I hope coach Armstrong did the same thing this spring. We can't be doing and preaching the same shiet year after year and expect to suddenly be league leaders on STs. Go Falcons
  4. Hageman used to run uphill with a parachute.
  5. I think some of the importance has to do with The Brotherhood that DQ preaches. Once star players start ignoring that overall team identity that DQ is trying to instill, the less effective his other themes become. And DQ has a lot of those...
  6. The problem with incentives is that they'll always double Julio. When Ryan goes for the open Ridley instead, we could potentially start to see the Diva come out and demand the football. I would hate to see that because that's not Julio. We all know what happens when Ryan forces the ball to Julio instead of spreading it.
  7. To those crying about Julio not being paid enough money, do you guys actually want the NFL to be like the NBA or MLB? You give guys like Chandler Parson, Millsap, Bazemore, Bosh all this guaranteed money not knowing if they'll be good for 3 years or if they'll stay healthy. You make a couple bad decisions with max contracts and you could sink your organization for a decade. Same goes with MLB. Unproven guys are given giant contracts and teams pay for them long after they leave the team.
  8. 1. That's because Julio already received his guaranteed portion of the contract. The structure which he and his agent agreed to. If the Falcons one day cut him because of injury or lack of performance, he's already been paid the guaranteed portion which was his safety net for such event. 2. Ryan would not say otherwise even if he came unprepared. 3. Working out with a retired player and random college guys does not compare to working with your actual team, coaches, getting timing with your QB, learning the new tweaks in the offense. 4. I have been told all week that NFL employment is not the same as regular people employment so I shouldn't compare the 2. Let's not compare Julio's "money struggles" to the those of the average labor strike. 5. Sure. Julio has not said anything. He scrubbed his social media accounts of Falcons related material (the reason is still speculation. Again he hasn't said anything). This is from a guy that's historically been friendly with the media. He didn't show up for voluntary workouts. He missed mandatory minicamp. But he DOES show up for activities sponsored by Migos and Cam. Maybe his silence is worse than expressing his side.
  9. So no one went to minicamp yesterday??? Updates?
  10. Bulletin Board material... I like it Now someone needs to publish something about the best WR Corp and get #11s azz to camp.
  11. I thought Hooper was gonna be a star after that SB TD. Making plays on the biggest stage without flinching. Which BTW... I never saw a replay of that play...cause f*** that game. I'm really looking forward to our TEs stepping up this year. Saubert and Paulson are big dudes.
  12. I got a feeling this defense is going to take the offense to town (even when #11 shows up).
  13. Wow, they're going to Iraq. Way rougher than the usual trips to bases on Hawaii and Germany. Props to this organization. You know it will fall on deaf ears though. Just like last year when I had to continually post pictures of Grady visiting the troops (to those questioning his patriotism).
  14. 86 days until we play the Eagles in opening night. Ain't got time for this bs.