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  1. Why read lips when you can borrow an Ipad playbook instead.
  2. Good to see Ryan Leaf turned his life around. Cowterd is a clown that talks like he's an expert on topics he knows nothing about. That includes sports. Jose Bautista should have stomped him when he had the chance.
  3. If we're going to talk history, we won the last 3/4 against the Lions. The most memorable in 2008 with the Ryan - Jenkins first pass TD. Then Turner took over and rushed for over 200 yards. All the writers are talking about how mobile Stafford has been in the pocket this year. Good thing we just got played the best in the league.
  4. I could watch her talk football all day. Especially when she wears those glasses.
  5. For those that said GA Dome is just as good... here's a look back on the screen there. I think we upgraded a tad.
  6. Bahamut don't have **** on this Falcon. I can imagine after the Falcon attacks, an Aaron Rodgers graphic losing 9999 HP.
  7. Broncos at 7? I don't know, they looked pretty good.
  8. That's pretty badass. I like how they incorporated all the other graphics tickers. If that doesn't get you pumped, you should have stayed home.
  9. I love it. For anyone annoyed with it, just imagine how annoying it will be to the Aints hearing it so often. Aints players will be hearing that horn in their sleep.
  10. GB fans in the dome are usually cool. Could be just Saints fans making yall look good though.
  11. Gif experts... We need that clip of Rodgers talking shiet to Beasley from the first quarter with Beasley smiling. Merge that with this one. I'll that that to the Cam-Debo gif from last year.