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  1. Jonesboro aka Jone-Buh aka ClayCo. Clayton County. South side ATL. Jone-Buh is originally early 80’s. ClayCo is late 90’s. Yep.down home for 48 years. Real South. Real Southerner. News flash to the babies. Black and White down home have been good with each other a long time. Not the BS peddled in the “news”. We down home with each other. Always.
  2. Same. Let it play out. All of it. If any “knowledgeable” fan can’t see that this new regime took over a SS then they’ll never will.
  3. Bama fan. I firmly believe this is the Dawgs year to win it all. That defense is impenetrable. Haven’t seen one like that since Bama 2011. Falcons are the Falcons. Different year mostly the same story.
  4. It’s misplaced hate too. That’s the TATF thing though. Pick a player to hate and pile on. He’s young. A rookie for Pete’s sakes in 4 games. For some it takes a bit longer. Playbook, speed of the game, actual reps, on and on. Maybe the fact that OWNERSHIP doesn’t want to admit the team is rebuilding may also play into how AS plays players. I bet AS already feels like a lame duck. Blank is becoming like the late years of Al Davis to me.
  5. I was down on Dansby, not overly harsh mind you, but he came on this season. Like maybe actually take the next step finally.
  6. That’s right! Go Braves!
  7. Big win! Magic number at 3!
  8. Let’s go Charlie! Bear down!
  9. This game is so important. Let’s do this boys. We’re all in this together until the end. Our group. We are devout.
  10. @unknowni teared up reading that. I’m becoming the old guy that cries watching commercials lol. Thanks for sharing. Go Braves beat Philly!
  11. I hate the Phillies. This series is so important to me. My best Navy friend is from Philly. I love him dearly but, **** him. Go Braves!
  12. i can't believe it's been 10 years. Jesus this life goes fast.
  13. Sorry man. The fam got the COVID last year. All of us. It was tough but we made it and are now stronger for it. Viruses are a weird thing. Our Bravos hanging tough brother. Big Series coming up with the Phillies. Really big. I like the direction of the Falcons organizationally. Ryan will be gone eventually. Talking about long term vision
  14. These mid/late season pickups have been HUGE for the Bravos. Great job by AA.
  15. What up brother. Laying low these days. Actually working all the time like a rented mule or sleeping. You and your people doing ok?
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