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  1. He’s on drugs.
  2. Lol. I can’t remember. TO went that way on a lot of folks though.
  3. PTSD fans is real. I’m good with this hire. If it
  4. Well that’s good then. He may coach another if he’s hired. What’s your point?
  5. I’d be ok with it though. Knapp has never coached a decent QB. The mind is the mind. He obviously knows a passing QB offense or he would’nt still be in the narrative.
  6. Lmao. Knapp/Vick flash backs...Memories of the way we were...
  7. Kind of like Garroplo replacing Brady. You ride it out. This is a 6 year away convo. Maybe more. Maybe less. Still though. Years away. Many years away. This board man...
  8. Good. It’s a nothing honor and/or game in this sport anymore. Just made up ish. All Pro matters.
  9. Silly season is upon us.
  10. He’s 32.
  11. Num nuts. Are you in middle school? Julio himself said he could make that play. I guess Julio is a num nutz too. You effing child.
  12. Julio himself said he can make that play. It went through his hands.
  13. KOG

    Very much so. Scarborough went down too easily it seemed. That was the narrative amongst our Bama loyalists and my eye test saw that too. Will say though he could be way better as a pro. A guy like that needs to get “lathered” up. The carries are spread thin at Bama. Got to make everyone happy and I also think Saban has changed his philosophy on leaning heavily on just 1 or 2 backs like he did Ingram, Richardson and Lacy. These guys entered the league with a ton of mileage and it showed. Heck, Ingram is better now at 27 and 28 the last two years than he was at 22 and 23. He wasn’t used as much early in his nfl career but that was because he was wore down. He had dead legs when he entered the league. Payton played it smart. Okay. Tangent over. Don’t want to derail thread.
  14. KOG

    For a big back Scarborough doesn’t run big. Very disappointed in his college career.