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  1. It’s so made up. I love cheetoh’s though. Darn good chips.
  2. I don’t know. Everything that makes money is chessball. Blame Americans.
  3. This is why we watch. They got us by the balls.
  4. A power run game still works.
  5. Yes!!!!! **** the Saints!!!!
  6. What a sorry weak arse effort by Joyner there.
  7. Yep. MLB has wised up. These teams are tired of paying the back end of the contracts for declining play.
  8. I was a Luka guy. That’s over now. It’s done. We ATL fans have to ride or die with Trae. I’m full on board with Trae. That’s how we roll. That’s that. He’s got my full support. All the way.
  9. I don’t know man. Folks in this town that are real ATL want him to succeed. He’s getting better in every category. FFS is right though about the turnovers but the game is so fast now and everybody is so young that most teams are turning it over.
  10. Takk’s my dude. I know his brain. Pretty sure I’ve proven that on this board over the years...smh.