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  1. Interesting take man. I get it though.
  2. Didn’t know it was a day game. Buddy came into work this afternoon and was like Braves won. That was a pretty awesome greeting.
  3. We don’t pitch anymore. Nor hit. Throwing up at home per usual this year.
  4. Eeeesh. The hits keep coming.
  5. This message board lol. They’re some straight clowns up in this joint.
  6. Our starters have thrown up all over themselves of late. Their collective buttholes are puckering.
  7. Yeppers.
  8. Mikolas pitch count is very high.
  9. Thank you Freddie. We’ve missed that.
  10. The Braves are backing their way in. They’d be better off playing on the road too.
  11. Atlanta has mean ish in them. They’re a mean team. An angry **** you team. Oh by the way. **** Tony Gonzalez. He’s dead to me. Dead. **** him.
  12. Go **** yourself. Just saying. **** off. Hang out with your own. Which I know is crappy so I get why you hang here. Also... now that I got that off my chest. Much love brother. I know you are a true southern brother. We need to remember that. Our truth is coming. We’ll need each other. Truth.
  13. You know I can’t help it. I should be treated like a victim. I’m a victim of the real ish. You know. Like a real American who served his country. Who still fights like a rabid dog for his beliefs. You know. I’m a shtbag because I work my arse off and I love my wife and my children.
  14. Throw the ball. Play your game.