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  1. I love Snit. I do. Flaws and all.
  2. Man I wanted more. I wanted to see dirt kicking and bases throwing lol. I wanted Sweet Lou. But alas.. Snit is smarter than me and made his point and bowed out like a boss. Much respect.
  3. The Braves own this division. They own it. Eat it haters. Eat your heart out. Braves baseball. That’s what’s up. That’s what’s trending.
  4. All the way baby. RTR and Go Braves!! Always Braves!! Always!! My home town. Atlanta GA. Baby. Atlanta GA.
  5. The Braves man. They run this division. **** this umpire and **** anybody against us. **** them all.
  6. Bill Welke is a piece of poop lying b1tch. Fraud man. No integrity
  7. Braves all the way. Fork football. I wish Snitker would have kicked dirt or gone full Piniella on that ****** umpire. Fork him.
  8. I’m so glad Kakes is back! Professional hitter! This lineup needs that.
  9. JD takes zero days off.
  10. Seems like they’re sleep walking.
  11. I’m watching Alabama football but will always be here for my Braves. Folty needs some runs! He’s pitching well! Let’s go offense!
  12. On the way to 100.
  13. Pitching shutout.
  14. Game ova.
  15. Joyce is slow lol.