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  1. Yeah. I said that without saying it. The green monster. Acuna can’t play walls. Got a big *** crazy wall behind you so we’ll put the old man over there because he played in the American League 4 years ago.
  2. Agreed. We aren’t that far off from seeing things. Just saying. Dammit. The plays are out there. He slows down when it gets difficult. It’s youth. I’m not hating but it is evident and it is coachable. He’ll be great though. The “Dammit” wasn’t for you. More for the frustration. He should have gotten to that ball, bad angle, he didn’t. When it hit the wall he should have pounced on it. He didn’t. Hey man. This game is hard. They play it, we just talk about it.
  3. Agree with the Julio info. Was saying that in the game. He’s been good. Folks expect too much. Dansby too. Dude can play. He’s still developing and got little minor league at bats. He’s learning professional baseball in the majors. Acuna has impressed me with the single base hits of late. I’d like to see him refine his D skills. Yet he’s only 20. He doesn’t play balls off the wall consistently. That’s why Snit moved him off the green monster. Defensively he’s not in the ball park of Andru Jones. Chipper said he was just off of him but really he’s not close yet. That is not a shot either.
  4. It’s not an effort thing it’s mental and at this point it is true. Young guy dancing around for balls against the wall. Not getting on it. I’ve seen it 3 different times this year that has given up an extra run when looking ugly to snatch the ball on the ground to get it in is what to do. I’m sorry but that’s how I see it. Look. This is not TATF here. Where you have to prove your fandom. I’m his biggest fan. Don’t get it twisted. He has been slow on the tough ones getting it in to the infield. That’s a real thing. I’m not the only one that has noticed. Maybe here though in the group of 10.
  5. The moment has been too big for them.
  6. Poor defense has cost the Braves 3 runs.
  7. He got that one. Youth can be so frustrating.
  8. Acuna’s defense is questionable. He’s not about his business out there. His sense of urgency is slack.
  9. I thought he caught it too.
  10. Nice shot Dansby.
  11. You and I are running on parallel lines occasionally looking at each other and nodding heads. Biddle was in control. Dammit.
  12. Ballgame. Acuna just got taught a lesson.
  13. Big ole fat hit me pitch. lol.
  14. He got all of that one.
  15. Yep. Don’t overthink it man.