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  1. I hate them too but loved them when I lived in Washington in the 90's. I'd come home from work at 4:30, flip on TBS and the Braves would be taking the field. Dinner after, often with a night on the town. Too be young again...smh.
  2. Time for a sell off.
  3. Time for a sell off I believe.
  4. Sink or swim time for this team.
  5. Central Time?
  6. No sorries. These boards aren't that serious even if it may appear to be at times.
  7. It's all good man. I think I remember you saying that. I wasn't trying to be funny.
  8. He's bi-polar.
  9. Word...I'd like to grill with you. I can throw down too Brother. Good times my friend.
  10. Well that's that.
  11. Awe ****. Here come the Braves.
  12. That used to mean something...America...we're all fuct. A steak dinner used to be special. Now it's par for the course.
  13. Yep. He's still youngish but there's a hole in his swing. Or his muscle memory. That twitch or read is not there. So far.
  14. Indeed he was. Leslie Nielson is/was comedy gold.
  15. Bucknor is a special kind of bad. Hernandez is really bad, but mostly vindictive...which is bad but not full "R" word.