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  1. Yep. No true identity.
  2. I hope you’re right. I do know he’s earned the time to try and right this franchise. Maybe a less injury plagued season next year will make a difference. This team needs more pieces though. In the trenches and in the secondary.
  3. I’m not even hating either. I just think that the team needs an offensive minded coach. All of the best teams have that save for New England and maybe Pittsburgh but those teams are hanging on by their teeth IMO.
  4. This team isn’t even close under the current regime. New quality leadership? Then maybe I can see a relatively quick bounce back into the discussion of teams to beat as long as Ryan still has something and they up the tempo, but these young men were making throws that Ryan consistently fails at making.
  5. Or is Jesus short for Jesus weed.
  6. You should heal him or at least pray for him.
  7. Campbell needs to make a better effort there.
  8. It’s really bad. They’re now having to keep Hooper in to chip before getting into the pattern.
  9. Ryan can’t get set up. The O line is folding up.
  10. This offensive line is getting Ryan killed.
  11. Big time read and throw there.
  12. Just read the news and came here. Very sad news. RIP Tammy.