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  1. TATF...The more things change the more they stay the same. Good post KOG.
  2. I enjoyed the read.
  3. As will Albies. So glad the young guys are ready to take over. There is so much to look forward too.
  4. Yep. Fo Sho. DC is the haves and have nots. Sad actually. The ATL is still a beacon of light for many. So many folks are coming here. A lot of hope and opportunity in this city. DC is federal government, lawyer money. It’s not economic growth money. It produces virtually nothing. Norfolk does though. The coal transport via the railroads. That’s fleeting too though. Atlanta has the airport. The ports. The railroads. The weather. It’s not ever going to slow down and fold. I read an economist article in 2010 that the city the size of Charlotte will be in Atlanta. On top of what is already Atlanta! It’s happening. This city is a lifeline to economics, family, a lifeblood to the future. Many of these classic cities that we group up with and praise?? are in decline. Midwest. Rust belt. New Jersey. Maryland. All the upper East Coast is in decline save for New York and Massachusetts. That’s that. Thx for coming Yankees. Maybe your kids or grandkids who will eventually be Southerners by birth will make this sorry *** fan base expect more!! Eff you Mofos. You hate on my team, my city, my home town, yet you come here to live. Raise your children. FU. (Not you KOG. You’re my Southern brother handling your business) just saying. FU. Bunch of Weaka$$ posers.
  5. Augusta is not Atlanta it’s just a country club for Atlanta money. Just saying. It’s true. I’m talking about the real. If you can’t make money in the ATL then you just don’t want to or don’t know how.
  6. You know dik about the ATL. $10.20 is peanuts. This city is skyrocketing. There’s so much money here it’s ridiculous. No slow down in sight. It’s unbelievable. Our infrastructure can’t keep up. Just saying. Do some research.
  7. Doesn’t really matter. Dudes not on the Falcons radar anyway.
  8. Whatever. The Panthers still have Cam. The older he gets. The less he can move and the more he’ll suck as a QB. He peaked 2 years ago.
  9. K. Pay that phone bill. Lol.
  10. I know you Dawg. Good spit. You’re notion on Garland is a curious take. Could be legit. Seems legit. Others have the same notion. I could dig it up but it doesn’t really matter. I just like to give credit to folks. You know? That’s all.
  11. K. Sorry. This notion was already out there. So... you’re disclaimer is legit. Though it was mentioned in the Fusco signing thread. By a good dude. It got crickets though. Per Usual. Lol. Fusco... what a name lol. Fusco.
  12. This is not an original thought. I saw this earlier from one of our brothers on this forum. A regular. Not somebody paying rent here like some of you. Someone that’s been around though. Like me. Check the pocus pukus fukus fuscus fuscos thread.