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  1. I like the signing. The Braves and MLB are getting it right with one year Vet signings. Collusion is real. No long term albatross contracts. Kudos to AA. Great move and it’s not like he’s not getting paid a Kings ransom just for showing up.
  2. I don’t know...the holistic approach reminds me of TD. How about drafting some talented players that actually like to play the game.
  3. Koetter has been stealing money for years. Dude is a garbage OC
  4. You have to play in a ton of big games to lose them.
  5. I like the picks. Potentially solid depth and this team needs defense.
  6. It’s not the Chiefs. It’s Andy Reid. Not coming at you, just saying...he has the respect to do what he feels is right, also he knows about young people problems. He dealt with that personally with both his sons addicted to heroin, one that lost his life to it, the other in recovery. Men like that are more forgiving, understanding, but also hard. Last Chance U baby.
  7. Andy Reid is the right coach for him.
  8. He learned from that mistake and has openly admitted it. Look what has happened since, with a roster that he had little, maybe no influence over. He knows how to coach, obviously and he knows how to lead men. RM is trending up for me and I would have hated this notion a few weeks ago. I’m a results guy. The Falcons are in the picture still. After an 0-5 start. I’ll take it.
  9. Dookie Doo Doo. Love that guy, but he’s high school only. Smart guy though.
  10. Ha! We’re right now on Parallel lines baby!
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