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  1. My wife and I were saying that to each other in early March. “We’ve already had it, but didn’t know it”. Whatever we had, and to be perfectly honest my wife was diagnosed with the flu, “a different strain” we were told than the flu shot I received back in the fall. So if it truly was the flu, it was and has been the worst ever. God awful bad. So...a lot of things out there that can kill you.
  2. Bill Burr is liking this a lot.
  3. Same in my family. My wife are just now starting to feel normal and yes we were diagnosed with the flu. It was awful. Worst case I’ve ever had, or at least I can remember.
  4. The Falcons are in win now mode. The allocated money is irrelevant to Arthur Blank and the front office and they’re betting on significant future years Cap increases to see it through. That’s the deal. That’s the plan. Arthur ain’t no spring chicken and Ryan is 35. That’s the deal. Love it, hate it, matter. That’s the deal.
  5. That game still stings to this day.
  6. I was just getting into the game as a young boy watching with my Father. Bittersweet memories. He’s still alive but not sure about how much time is left. It flew by.
  7. Just makes my heart hurt once more. This life goes fast lol.
  8. Happy Birthday my brother. RTR.
  9. Yeah man...
  10. Jesus Christ they keep breeding. j/k. That’s awesome. Congratulations Dad!
  11. Yeah no such thing in today’s NFL. Maybe A freak comes along every now and then, but that other notion was an old timey thought to me and I’m getting pretty darn old timey.
  12. Troll 10.0
  13. ThTs how I thought about it too. This signing changed my outlook on the draft. Im actually more excited about it now.