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  1. In theory maybe this works... but there is no way teams like the Eagles, Saints, Patriots and Broncos are anywhere outside the top 5.
  2. 1) Freeman looks fantastic, if Smith doesn't get him involved on offense heavily this year I will personally fly to the States, drive to the Branch and take a massive dump on that nice looking desk in his office. 2) I hope its because Reedy has already shown enough to warrant a spot on the 53. What more do you want from an UDFA? He is blowing by coverage's and it seems he does something good at every practice!
  3. I think they are trying to set the tone early. Make sure the players know what they can and cant do from day 1, but ****, let the guys play some ball!
  4. I thought Solaii looked pretty good from what I saw...he stays low and gets into the backfield pretty easy. Havent seen that since Grady days!
  5. Its a marked improvement from what I saw last year, sure they got blown up a few times, but they actually looked...average...and thats a good thing!
  6. Excited to see him in some of those WR screens Kutty likes to run!
  7. Gil looks/sounds like a legitimate "godfather" haha! Thanks for the link
  8. Peria's bit on hardknocks was so confusing, he seemed liked he had no passion or fire. Hope that he goes on to find what makes him tick. We can only speculate to the cause of his retirement and I dont even want to do that. As Smitty said, thanks for all the hard work and effort and putting your body on the line. Darius Johnson...meh...there are plenty of guys who can pick up that 5th/6th WR role, not to worried.
  9. That's the point of the numbers? So that players can be referred to by them... xD
  10. Good to hear, hopefully that's the last of the injuries he suffers! Really hoping he proves the 30yr old wall bush wrong!
  11. Hopefully our first Pro-Bowl caliber offensive lineman in a long time...
  12. Everyone hating on the guy need to chillax. Dude is going into his 3rd year at a position where he matches up against some of the most athletic freaks on the planet. Not everyone can just come into the NFL and be good. For some players it takes time. Sure, there is no excuse for being in bad shape, you get paid to play a sport so you better be in tip-top condition physically. Give the man this year as well before killing him. And remember this, say Starr beat him on one play, what about the 20 plays before that where Holmes stonewalled him? Those plays dont get celebrated....
  13. Dear 5 pound, 3 ounce baby Jesus, Lay your hand upon Julio's foot as you did Abrahams groin. Need that dude healthy!!!
  14. I like to believe that over the past 6 years this regime has built a winning culture. That retention of good players and average to good drafting has kept us competitive and at least relevant. We just need a Defense. Im so tired of watching the Geno's and Kirk's tear us apart, hopefully some of our younger Defensive players continue to ball. If our offense can keep Mr. Ryan upright there are going to be lots of broken hearts in the NFC South! I think if we see a marked improvement in our Defense we can go all the way!
  15. Ok not knocking Tru, he is gonna be good. But Jackson had 100plus yards and 2 TD's against our Pass D... settle down there, he is not pro-bowl level yet lol
  16. up until 5 years ago we didnt have a standard. Now after 5 winning seasons we do, and we aren't living up to it and uhhh....notice the complete meltdown?
  17. This board and our fanbase needed a win. Aint gonna apologize for being diehard. Enjoy the ups!
  18. Yup. It really is that simple. It would appear that FB's are a dime a dozen these days as they are so rarely used. Im sure the more trained eye will tell you of their importance in the running game, but we are really not that kind of offense.
  19. You forget what we do to Rookie QB's? Apparently all they do is win...
  20. Yes sir i hear you. Don't get me wrong, in my humble opinion if you are blessed enough to play a SPORT for a living and make millions doing it, then you need to be in the best possible shape your body allows you. I dont know if he lacks passion, i dont believe you get to the NFL without passion. Maybe ambition is what he lacks. Either way, the reality is that Holmes and Konz are the only prospects we can reasonably expect to get better with age and time. Im ever the optimist. Every time Lamar loses his breath he gets fitter and more in shape. Some of us need wake up calls in life, hopefully being thrust into the starting role and expecting to perform is what he needed.
  21. Bro, if people don't see Matty Ice as one of the top 7 QB's on the league. Then there is no point in communicating with them. Other intelligent life requires your conversation.
  22. Cut Lamar Holmes, a 2nd year Offensive Tackle with the necessary tools to be a good professional ball player, after 5 starts.... Just listen to yourself.
  23. Players GOTTA play yo. He calls the play, they execute it, or in this case they don't.
  24. Konz and Reynolds made me want throw up. I swear Reynolds spent more time moving backward then forward that game.
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