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  1. After tonight's preseason game what do you guys think will happen? Will we see better results? More positives than negatives? Or the same?
  2. That #55 forgot his name at the moment from Cincinnati is a real doosh bag! Just listening to.the things he says n the way he acts not even talking about the scuffle with him and sjax
  3. Exactly what I was saying there is no big fbs school in atl except for GT. Im a 'Canes fan so I know all too well about GT
  4. Im honestly surprised it took this long for some moron to write this I mean troll sorry forgot they had names
  5. I just wanted to say I love your avatar bro that's creative as ****
  6. I've heard several times that we were only wearing them for a certain time and then we wouldn't anymore? Anyone know of any truth to that? I personally would love to have the old black alternates back.
  7. So what happens if a team is like on the one yard line on like 2nd n goal n the 1st qtr ends does that mean they lose the ball? If so that's ridiculous n the no kickoffs rule is dumb too.
  8. First bit they showed of us on NFLN today they asked the question if he thought we would be able to be better than Seattle or San Francisco as the top dog in the NFC and right off the bat he made a sick face and was like "ugh" then made his point as last year we didn't run the ball very well but pretty much blamed it on Koetter not being consistent with it and bailed out Turner saying when he had more than 13 carries he averaged 4.4 ypc so it wasn't on Turner or the O-Line it was that Koetter needed to run more and that if we are ever going to be the top dog in the NFC we need to be a physical
  9. Ohhhhhh ok I was just wondering of the ravens fans were gonna.be whining
  10. Just wondering...seen Matt's figures but what is Flacco's again?
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