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  1. This is dumb, Nick Foles had 15 seconds to analyze the defense and then throw it on every play. Matt had two or three guys in his face within seconds of snapping the ball. He did the best he could with constant hands in his face, linemen getting backed up, and running backs getting bulldozed. Sure he missed a couple, but honestly Im more worried about our Oline getting tossed around like ragdolls and not being able to run block at all.
  2. I'm doing Kobe Ground Beef Nachos, with homemade Habanero Guacamole and Mango Sour Cream. I'm the only Falcons fan I know personally here in Raleigh, but I've got my dad and my brother coming over for opening night, I cant wait till tomorrow.
  3. Our 2 deep defense (starters and their first backup) is so stacked. Speed and athleticism everywhere.
  4. We should run Coleman into the ground before the trade deadline and then trade him to San Francisco for a first or second round pick..... there is no way we can afford the pay him with Grady, jones, Neal, and Julio(SMH) all needing new deals.
  5. Bothered by hijacking, what are you, Captain Phillips?
  6. Bothered by a comment about twins? What are you an expecting mother?