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  1. Ok some trickery for the TD, I'm watching the game through messages today as RZ isn't showing much of the game today.
  2. Overall I am extremely happy with today's outcome. The team managed to play far better compared to last Sunday. 0-2 is not bothering me at all. Continue to improve.
  3. DK said there was no talen when we had Gonzo on the team. What is he going to do with the roster that's current?
  4. 14-7 score has me smiling. I hope for a better turn out today vs last week. Keep it going.
  5. He's definitely P.O. But i hope the team turns this around or we're going to be dead last in the conference. Is it me or does this conference comes off as the typical Falcons talk after we lose.
  6. Arthur Blank will have AS @$$ on this for sure. I hope and want to assume this is all butterflies due to the first game of the year.
  7. Can the team drink their Gatorade or turn the switch on, Pitts has gotten back into the game. The Falcons need to do the same.
  8. I hope the team can win at least half of their games. Philly has been one of those teams that have the Falcons number. But can you be more of a competitor. Geez.
  9. It appears the team is still in preseason mode. 6 fxxking points. When will we ever get over this curse.
  10. In short, both the o-line and d-line got pushed around (A LOT). There's proof we can get to the QB. I hope the team and win at least half of their games.
  11. This dude is Scott Casker, D. Robinson, and Willy Mo all in 1. D@MN and I love it.
  12. Very true, but I do believe based on DQ's character he wouldn't address players in this manner as we ALL saw the performance on the field.
  13. I can appreciate him as the coach having courage to check a player. Unlike DQ.
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