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  1. This dude is Scott Casker, D. Robinson, and Willy Mo all in 1. D@MN and I love it.
  2. Very true, but I do believe based on DQ's character he wouldn't address players in this manner as we ALL saw the performance on the field.
  3. I can appreciate him as the coach having courage to check a player. Unlike DQ.
  4. Anytime a New England member leaves the organization, they successful rate is CRAP.
  5. 8-8 are you serious 9-7 is this a joke 10-6 come out of the matrix
  6. I would like to know who else has interest in coaching the team, but Koetter has to LEAVE. Ask MR and the rest of the offense what they would love to run going forward and give MR the ability to make audibles for the season.
  7. 6 total tackles, 1 ff, 1 sack, sounds good. Why does it take this organization so long to put a guy on the field with talent and see what they can do on the field.
  8. lol unleash the beast, if we replay that draft...see many other options for pick outside of him.
  9. Gonna have to re-watch the game on NFL game pass. From what I did see the defense was much better than last week. The offense is the same. I really didn't think the team was going to pull off the win.
  10. If we have all o our starters and the other teams were playing with 2nd-3rd strings & if the refs were calling penalties in our favor. And to add but I don't want it to happen, a storm comes into the city (NOLA) and all of ESPC SC etc suggest we need a SB to up lift the spirits of the city. I'm tired now please add as you see fit.
  11. Joe Horn WR with a slight edge to Dez White WR
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