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  1. Beheading or drawn and quartered? FKING PATHETIC!
  2. The only possible reason I could see in that situation is: There is someone up in the booth helping manage the game in Smith's ear. They were watching the TV broadcast and mistook the red line (fieldgoal range) on the screen for a first down, rather than the orange line, which had been a first down all game long. When Harry caught the ball and crossed the red line, for an apparent first down, to them, they called for a time out to give us 3 more tries to run the ball, advancing our position for fieldgoal range and running out the clock. Unfortunately they ****** up and they were confused on
  3. Musko, keep your wallpaper on your desktop to yourself! Please dont share with the rest of us. Is that goober smoocher wearing a falcons necklace? LMFAO! good one.
  4. Happy Birthday Dude!! Isn't this the guy that years ago said he could time travel? Like he was gonna go back in time and fix the Falcons or something?? I bet he went back... real far back.. to the stone ages and he's banging caveman hookers on his birthday!
  5. That's good news. Hopefully he won't pass the NFLs "Sand-Filled-Vag.." protocol the couple weeks so the youngins can get a crack at it.
  6. Can you get the % for some other crappy teams that are playing from behind this year like Cleveland, Houston and Pittsburgh? I'm sure we're still high but that has to be a factor as well.
  7. Thanks a lot pal! I've gone a whole year avoiding his ********, buzzword filled ramblings (aka post game press conferences) and here, you snipe me with one this close to the end of the season! LMAO!
  8. It's probably the same game plan as always. Everyone run around chasing the ball carrier... Fall down like bowling pins, taking your teammates with you... Then hope a penalty or a turnover happens to save your ***.
  9. They just need to shut Decoud down for the year and let this guy get some experience.
  10. I like Nolan. I would like to see what he can do with more DL talent. He hasn't had much to work with since he's was hired and people on here say all the time Smitty has his hands in the defense. If Smitty's micromanaging the D is ture, do you think Nolan might just say "the **** with it" and move on?
  11. Everyone on the team is brainwashed into believing all this buzzword and catch phrase bs, so much that they seem confused on what is the truth and what really needs done.
  12. I wouldn't say sacks are overrated, but our last game Matt was sacked 6 times and still threw for over 300 yards and a TD and we won.
  13. Not much trickery here. Lacy is gonna pound the ball all day on us. I wouldn't be surprised if we give up another record setting day to a young RB. I still think we may pull it out though.
  14. Guess I'll hafta smoke a fatty and have beer on my cornflakes for breakfast that day.
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