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  1. I'm not really sure what the point is that you're trying to drive at... Are you only against animal abuse because religion?
  2. That's the most hilarious article I've read in a while. Thanks, WFW.
  3. How is this not legit? I'm against animal abuse. You?
  4. Financing a car at a low interest rate is preferable to driving a POS paid for in cash.
  5. Why would this be an attempt at humor? Mono had an "ask a Mormon" thread. This is an offshoot if you will. I assume that means you don't have any questions?
  6. The same thing I would say if I hypothetically found myself in a room with Zeus.
  7. Define "objective" and "moral" and "values"
  8. We can eat anything. #yolo You're supposed to be answering questions, not asking them.
  9. Good question. It's not a religion.
  10. Pose your questions for the board atheists. Keep it respectful, please.
  11. I'll let him know you said hello.
  12. I'm not saying I don't believe you, but that doesn't seem like anything a regular ABF poster would say. Things get contentious, but that's a line I've never seen crossed.
  13. Maybe I missed it but I've never seen anything close to that before.
  14. I'll be the bigger man and respectfully drop the subject, in spite of my character being under attack by a cyberbully (tummyhurts). Out of respect for you, Mono.
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