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  1. I'm not really sure what the point is that you're trying to drive at... Are you only against animal abuse because religion?
  2. That's the most hilarious article I've read in a while. Thanks, WFW.
  3. How is this not legit? I'm against animal abuse. You?
  4. Financing a car at a low interest rate is preferable to driving a POS paid for in cash.
  5. Why would this be an attempt at humor? Mono had an "ask a Mormon" thread. This is an offshoot if you will. I assume that means you don't have any questions?
  6. The same thing I would say if I hypothetically found myself in a room with Zeus.
  7. Define "objective" and "moral" and "values"
  8. We can eat anything. #yolo You're supposed to be answering questions, not asking them.
  9. Good question. It's not a religion.
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