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  1. This doesn't even hurt anymore. I think I've reached the heartbreak Nirvana.
  2. That last catch to Lamb was an OPI that wasn't called. LAmb clearly pushed and extended his arm, but AmEriCa'S TeAM can't be 0-2.
  3. I don't care about what is said. Fire every coach now. Every single coach needs to buy their own ticket home.
  4. Good decisions to throw away. Would've preferred at least one of those to be runs though.
  5. We are the Falcons, the game isn't over until there is no time left on the clock
  6. He's still getting through. Can't remember saying the same about Vic last year
  7. DFJ is already worth more in my eyes than Beasley. Just see the constant motor all game.
  8. Gage is really showing me he's a WR3/WR2. Good development so far.
  9. Nah, Julio came into this game with a bad hamstring. He's playing through it
  10. Julio is a warrior. And one of the few players that I will gladly have on my field at less than 100%.
  11. Matt always seems to throw the deep balls just a half second too late
  12. Play calling has been pretty good today. What are you smoking?
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