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  1. Not an alt account. I usually like memes and jokes, but this thread feels more like hatred for men we don't even know. Maybe I am being uptight, I'm not gonna ruin the party for everyone. Carry on.
  2. I know this thread is supposed to be in fun and all, but it just doesn't feel right. Can't we be better than this?
  3. They are who we thought they were, and we let them off the hook
  4. Couldn't help it. The Patriots don't scare me at all. We did lose, but 28-3 was no fluke.
  5. Let them lip read. Gonna quote MVP here "You can't f***ing stop it"
  6. You guys really think that people are not watching because players kneel during the national anthem? My family is super military (dad did 16 years in Air Force, brother was a Marine and married a Marine, and I was Air Force for 1 term) and it isn't that important. Anyone mad about that is just masking their true feelings.
  7. It's actually in person. A lot of people can only talk smack online in forums where people won't recognize them. They are killing you, just in their heads and later on their forums.
  8. Patriots undefeated??? I think not lol
  9. Why are people so focused on TEs? We have the pass catcher, the blocker, and the project. We don't need to use a draft pick on another TE.
  10. If there is 1 thing TD is good at, it is saving the team money. I have all confidence in him when it comes to getting the most with the money.
  11. Of course it's worth signing Tru. Now you have 3 good to great corners and now you can get a little bit tricky with formations. Rocky has already shown he has great ability to cover from every position. Let him take the slot (release valve) away. Tru shuts down a side of the field. Next That leaves us with Collins who showed that he could be ready to lock down the other side of the field and give us our own "No fly zone" You don't let homegrown talent like Tru walk out the door.
  12. If the price is right, I would love bringing him in. I just know it's going to be a large bidding war.
  13. Gabriel is going nowhere. He'll have that Falcon logo on his helmet come next season.
  14. It's sad that Pats fans can't come and actually discuss the game without trolling. I usually lurk and read only, but this guy has already gotten on my nerves.