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  1. VIC!!! He's been working hard all game
  2. My heart can't take being a Georgia sports fan. The ups and downs are gonna kill me. I'm only 28
  3. Trufant has brick hands, can't catch anything.
  4. Matt back to running for his life
  5. I'll take the pick, but **** wrap up the sack.
  6. Missed helmet to helmet hit. Refs blind again
  7. We're forcing a punt. Defense getting it together.
  8. Had to be a last minute flight for Cam. He can offer $1,500 for a different seat, but he can't buy first class?
  9. Oh God.....this is only gonna get worse...... Holyfield is gonna kill us.......We should've signed him.......He's gonna run all over our soft defense because we can't draft right......
  10. Oh God....Holyfield wasn't signed......