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  1. ms-93u80G.gif Alright. Dangit! I give up. I dont know how to post GIFs Sorry for the double posts. I’ll go crawl into my hole now.
  2. Looks like the whole team has checked out for the season. Either try to win, or let us know if you plan on tanking so we know why these remaining games look so dreadful. Man...I tell you, it freakin’ hurts to be a ride or die fan sometimes.
  3. We are wasting Matt and Julio’s prime right now. We need to get an experienced OC in next year that can utilize the weapons we have or we’re gonna be looking at a tear it down and rebuild period sooner than we’d like.
  4. Why do I do this to myself every Sunday?
  5. I’ve been a Dan Quinn defender, but now I’m starting to wonder... Quinn should have punched Sark in the throat for calling a run on 4th and 1, especially when Baltimore is stacking the box for it.
  6. It’s not his fault he was put in the game for that dumb *** play. The defense was playing well enough to give us a chance to get the ball back if we punt and make them drive from their own 25, or possibly deeper since the punt would have been from mid-field.
  7. I know right? I have to laugh to keep from crying sometimes.
  8. ....D@#n!!! That number is cursed in my book forever more!
  9. I honestly think it has taken several years off my life.
  10. Thank goodness I mentally prepared myself for this mess tonight. I wanted to be mad, but I just could not muster enough emotion as the Falcons have already depleted my reserves for the year. Being a GA sports fan has made me emotionally numb.
  11. Well it looks like all of the players have checked out as well, except for maybe Kazee.
  12. I knew this was coming, but it still hurts to watch them play like this!
  13. Then what? A decade plus of mediocrity as we look for ANOTHER head coach in just less than five years? I could understand if we missed the playoffs each of Quinn’s first three years, but ****, the man did get us to a Super Bowl in his just his second year. He’s earned at LEAST two more years before we should even consider looking elsewhere unless next year is an absolute dumpster fire.
  14. Umm....if you’re not an Atlanta native or a fan of Atlanta hip hop, then you probably wouldn’t get it. But really, this family is nothing special. The founding members of this “Dungeon Family” only played a hand in ultimately putting Atlanta on the map as what people would later call us...”the music capital of the south”. Oh, and they also introduced the world to two members of Atlanta and music royalty! And by royalty, I’m only referring to a little old group called OUTKAST. Ceelo Green hasn’t done too bad for himself either. And that’s only a sample of their success. Check out the Netflix documentary “The Art of Organized Noize”. It’ll explian all you need to know, if you’re interested.