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  1. I thoroughly co-sign this post 👍🏾 Two of my favorite songs...Backbone and the DF crew!
  2. ...is that a “Life” reference I see? 😂 R.I.P. Bernie Mac 🙏🏾 (If not, disregard this comment)
  3. Ummm...where are the the purple words? 😳
  4. “I understand the question...Those guys are such competitors...with a ton of FIGHT and GRIT to go”
  5. Freakin’ sad, especially with our last two head coaches supposedly being “defensive minded” coaches 😒
  6. I’m sure Tony Dungy would like to someday die of natural causes...NOT a Falcon induced stroke or heart attack. It might be a little presumptuous on our part to think that Mr. Dungy would even want to come here anyway. Just sayin’...
  7. I just know if we’re trading into the top 5, it better not be for a **** CB! Just seems too risky. We can get a corner later in the draft. We need PASS RUSH!!! Brown, Young, Simmons or bust... I’d also love Kinlaw if we traded into the top 10.
  8. I agree, but I truly hope that if we do go with two DB’s early that they are ready to perform out the gate. I still lean towards wanting two early picks to round out our D-line, and preferably of the DE/DT variety. I know we just can’t reach for pass rush if the talent just isn’t there at our first two picks, but I just can’t help but to want a relentless pass rush for the first time in a long time. I believe that would help our secondary tremendously. If we go with a CB in the first, I hope we at least go with a LB or DT/DE with our second rounder. I also like the thought
  9. Let’s all chill, sit back and watch how this plays out. We’ve always gotten upset when the front office sits on their hands at the start of free agency. Well guess what...they are finally making MOVES! And with very limited money! What other moves were some of us expecting with what we have to spend this year? We just took care of 3 glaring areas of need, starting TE, starting edge rushing DE and a potential high quality RB ( if healthy) to add to our RB committee. Just think about the flexibility we have in the draft now. We can be super aggressive and load up on defense (I pra
  10. While Davison was a nice re-sign, that alone isn’t going to cut it. I’m glad we’re bringing him back, but we need another “dog” in the middle next to GJ....regardless of weight. If we don’t land Kinlaw, we have to hit on our eventual pick at DT. And if we get said DT in the 1st or 2nd round, he needs to have the ability to start or factor heavily in our rotation with major production. We’re going to be facing a murderers row of QB’s this season (especially in our division), and we HAVE to be able to collapse the pocket so Takk, Fowler, Cominsky and company can eat! I don’t care
  11. Yes...maybe trade back to the bottom half of the first for an extra second round pick (if possible). We could possibly address several needs early with a late first rounder and 3 second round picks. 4 picks in the first 2 rounds would be great!
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