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  1. ****...Matt killing our receivers today
  2. Thank god we didn’t kick a field goal...
  3. ****...Rhodes is good!
  4. All I know is that they better let the Vikings score again so they don’t finish with 28 points...and we **** sure better not kick a field goal!
  5. Oliver IS NOT ready for prime time!
  6. If it came down to it, I can understand TD and DQ willing to go down with the ship carrying their own guys (Beasley, Senat)...but Harlow???? This is waaaay too much of a reach. Maybe they have some super secret plans for him that we don’t know about. Anyway...I’m gonna continue to trust TD and DQ regardless for now. They’ve mostly made great moves up until this point. I wanna see how this plays out.
  7. I know right?
  8. Hill has gotten another chance to prove himself, so I’m down to see this through. I just hope he makes the most of it. I’m just saying...we’d be no more or no less dangerous with or without him if it came down to it. He’s not our X-factor and there are more than a handful of backs we could get to replace him if he were not to pan out.
  9. That was one game... I just saw that as a promising sign that he might have turned the corner. He hasn’t really done a whole lot except for that one game. He doesn’t really have the vision to create and find seams like Free and Ito can. He usually gets gobbled up for more than 2 or 3 yards most times.
  10. Well I’ll be the first... I still think he should be on this team in place of at least Harlow (if not Hill). We really could have used that speed element we lost with Teco’s departure. I’ve lobbied enough for TBJ in other posts, but good luck to him and I hope this doesn’t burn us twice a year for the next few seasons. I have faith that DQ and TD know what they’re doing and we’ll find another all-purpose back somewhere down the road. Time to look forward to great things this season. All-in-all, I’m quite satisfied with over 90% of the moves we made all off season. We appear to have one of the better rosters we’ve had in years. I think this could be a super solid season. Sunday cannot get here soon enough!
  11. Yeah. I doubt he’ll be missed. I like that we got some safety depth in from Denver on our PS. I was getting concerned with our options for depth at SS behind Keanu.
  12. Let’s hope it’s not.
  13. He’s good for depth, and that’s about it. Dan Quinn is obviously vested in Brian Hill because he drafted him. I get that, but let’s not act like we couldn’t find another back with his traits IF he was snatched up from PS. Right now, Brian Hill is not starting for most teams in the NFL. He is decent for depth and possibly spot starts here and there. I’m cool with that. Just because he finally started figuring it out doesn’t mean he should be our future starter if Free continues to fight injury problems. Since he is still a Falcon, I will root for him to continue to improve. Ultimately, I hope he makes me feel stupid I even questioned his ability and he balls out this year. But as of now...he is still expendable.
  14. I do like the idea of pounding teams into submission late in games when we’re up by a couple of scores. Sure would have come in handy a couple years ago...
  15. If we’re looking at Hill as our potential starter for next season, then we’re in a **** load of trouble. Hill has not improved THAT much. I can tolerate him as depth, but as our full time starter??? No thanks! I can learn to roll with getting over our fascination with players that flash in the preseason, but I would pray to (insert higher power here) that our front office would do whatever was in their power to ensure that Brian Hill is NOT our starting RB come 2020, unless he looks like the second coming of Barry Sanders at some point this year.