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    luke in duluth reacted to SavvyFalcon89 in January Hawks Thread.   
    It's just reassuring we could have one or two pieces missing in the Rotation and still play at a high level
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    luke in duluth reacted to paulitik in Should We Sign Beast Mode?   
    I'll be honest, I'd rather draft Gurley in the second than sign another 30 year old vet RB. Signing vet RBs just cost too much money when you're lucky to get 2-3 years of production out of them. Use that money on Line depth or a vet LB.
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    luke in duluth reacted to blkbigdog35 in January Hawks Thread.   
    32-8 fellas our boys are whipping azzes!!!!!
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    luke in duluth reacted to Willy Mo in January Hawks Thread.   
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    luke in duluth reacted to Butudontseeme™ in Richard Dawkins Is Wrong: Religion Is Not Inherently Violent   
    I told you it would get good. Appreciate the reading bros! These discussions always interest me.
    Also, let the foundation of Christian faith not be lost in this, that Christ died for everyone.
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