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  1. That was a lot of entertainment in one thread!
  2. Cox is cool, but I've always wondered why Chuck Smith hasn't got an Atlanta shot.
  3. Yes I can't remember when I last did, but that doesn't mean I won't. No kids, however, I just heard "New Country" the other day. It had a beat and sounded like rock/pop music. It was country because of the southern accident.
  4. It started with basic mini-camp highlights. There was an interview with Coach Quinn. In this interview, he talked about playing fast, the rookies being ready, and cross-training players as much as they could handle. There was also a rookie class feature that highlighted Jake's role with bringing in the new blood. After that, we had the aforementioned Ryan interview. Plus, the Bryant story with the veteran. D.J. Shockley also lamented the loss of Sam Baker. He said that Baker was his friend.
  5. There is a show about mini-camp on channel 69.
  6. That's really good country typing. You can practically hear the bigotry.
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