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  1. I make few comments. But man, you really need to let it go. Ryan's the QB. That isn't changing. Don't you ever get tired of writing about the same subject? I can only speak for myself, but man your comments get old. Ryan could cure cancer and you'd ***** that if he was mobile he could have cured it quicker.
  2. I've always believed that where there is talent, there is hope. And this team has talent. I expect nothing, but a turnaround is possible. It's happened in previous years to other teams. Win Sunday and start from there.
  3. Lately it appears more likely we're playing 1-1-1
  4. Been a fan since the early 70's and I've seen worse Falcon teams. But yeah, the expectations for this year vs. what we've seen is pretty sad. But I gave up obsessing years ago. I don't let sports effect my life one way or the other. I have a great wife, kids, grandkids and have come to terms with the fact the Falcons will never win a Super Bowl, and when the game was at 28-3 told my son that the most Falcon thing ever would be to find a way to still lose this game. So there you go.
  5. Did I imagine things, or did they bench Oliver? That last series Jordan Miller was in his spot.
  6. I wish teams that could run, would still do this. Did you watch the game last night ? On the Eagles last drive they were gashing the Packers for 5+ yards every run. Howard and that O-line were wearing them out. Then after another 5 yard run on 1st down, while they were moving right down the field they called two consecutive pass plays. Both were incomplete, stopped the clock, and then they had to punt. I swear these genius coaches outsmart themselves sometimes. They still won but I swear they could have run the clock out.
  7. So far, these ‘Fire Ref’s’ are giving the Katrina refs a run for their money