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  1. Live by the blitz, die by the blitz......
  2. I don’t know who keeps those stats but he dropped a **** of a lot more than 1 pass. Do they only count ones that are lobs and perfectly in his hands? Btw, I don’t hate Hooper. Id love to keep him. I just think you can replace him in the draft for a lot less money. No way I’m giving him a big contract.
  3. Don't understand the love affair with Hoop. He may be top 5 TE in the league statistically, but that's more a product of the system and QB than talent. Do the eye test. Does he look like the play maker some of the other TE's in the league are? He's a decent, not great blocker. He dropped a LOT of balls this year + he's S.L.O.W. Given the type of money he can command, let him go. Easily replaceable IMHO
  4. The Hall might consider his career too short, but Bill Fralic was one of , if not the best guard of his generation. The started using the phrase 'pancake block' watching what he did the DL. I always thought he deserved HoF consideration.
  5. Minus the knee injuries he would have been one of the greats, imho. A lot of people don't realize he was a scrambling QB in College but that was short lived in the NFL. One of the best games I ever saw was during Bart's rookie year. It was at the Oakland coliseum and the game was back and forth. Raiders won in OT on a George Blanda field goal. I think the final score was 38-35. Cliff Branch went off. Rolland Lawrence had a pick 6. Game had everything, but what I remember the most is the Raider fans around me commenting on how Bartkowski could sling it.
  6. Just saw this. See my post above. It's true.
  7. I'm surprised so few falcons fans are choosing Bartkowski for strongest arm, but I do realize a lot of you grew up in the Vick era. My whole life I've heard stories of QB's throwing the ball 100yds, but I've only personally seen one person do it. It was pre-game at the Cal - WSU game in '74.. I was 11 and my Dad told me to watch Bart as he warmed up. His last 2 throws traveled 98 and 101 yds, He was standing on the goal line so there was no mistaking the distance.
  8. You got the year right. It was really my first year being a die-hard football, Falcons fan.
  9. You just have to look at my profile pic to guess my favorite ;-).
  10. I second your opinion. He played 2 years of JC ball in Modesto, CA, (my home town) before transferring to Boise St. I met him several times because I had friends who played with him. Super down to earth and could hit like a truck. Little known fact, he doubled as the Punter on the MJC team, and had one of the strongest legs I've ever seen. I'm talking Ray Guy type of distance. I always wondered if he was the backup punter for the falcons.
  11. When are you going to let up on your hype of that dude? I don't think he's coming out. Give it a rest. Has he even declared? No ? I didn't think so..........
  12. So instead of enjoying a win like this, with an exciting finish, all you can worry about Is what may or may not happen in the future? To each their own, but I enjoy watching my team win.
  13. The most over rated thing in the NFL is having high draft pick. If you don’t enjoy watching your team win, why even watch ?
  14. It’s games like this I miss Keanu the most. He’s only player on the current roster that could knock that stupid smile off Kittle’s face. They’re even glorifying that block where Kittle made an obvious hold, on the half time show.
  15. He should absolutely be able to participate and be honored as a captain if the league sees fit. He committed a crime and he paid for it. Redemption is a real thing and from all accounts he's been an exemplary person since he was released from prison. The animal rights people can go **** themselves.