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  1. Then delete your mfin account & stay over there you ignorant insecure sack of flyshit.
  2. Would you shut the **** up for phucks sake? I go into a thread looking to see some insightful info on how one of our rookie's is doing in camp, how they fit the scheme, etc. Instead I have your goofy *** regurgitating the same bullshiit in thread after thread after thread about Shembo like YOU are some how in the know of what exactly happened.
  3. Yes we know. You've said that about 4,876 times.
  4. Sorry I thought someone said he made it.
  5. Trufant already made it. Think he was 78.
  6. Hopefully Holmes oxygen rank is in the top 15 for OL this year....
  7. That about sums up what I would love to see. Looking forward to seeing your analysis Fibonacci. I had intended to go to TC to watch & get some sigs on my new Falcons Football but got too much going on with work & the Nationals this year.
  8. That's a possibility but to me it shows that he is passionate & cares about what he is doing. He doesn't sound like the lazy player he was labeled as by some.
  9. Very exciting to hear the aggressive play these guys seem to have!
  10. 92.9 is the Hawks flagship station. They broadcast the Hawks when their games are on.
  11. Amen! He is horrible. Sad thing is he thinks he was a HOF caliber player when he talks about his days with the Steelers.
  12. Yes we did. That Arizona game last year is the one Hawley got litterally thrown like a rag doll.
  13. I can't imagine the emotions you are going through Roddy. Prayers sent.
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