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  1. The cowboys may drop Jay Ratliff. If that is true id like to see him and Babs side by side. that could make for enough to get Beirmen or Abraham to get single cover and boom, our pass rush is re-born
  2. Lattimore is a lot like jacquizz in that they both have good hands and cut like no other. Lacey won't be there for us to get especially since we have other needs that HAVE to be addressed. But if Lattimore is there in the 3rd round, i say snatch him. He may not be there by the 3rd, but if he is, we have nothing to lose.
  3. What about Chris Cooley? he wasnt bad, and a decent blocker too.
  4. Hey, last time we went to the super bowl, what reciever did we beat.... RANDY MOSS! This year when we go to the super bowl, guess who we will beat to get there....RANDY MOSS!!!!!
  5. And you lost to the Cards, Rams, Lions, and Dolphins. Atleast our losses were division losses to teams we play twice a year and play to there max every game.
  6. what about that game before that one...oh yeah...you lost...to the Dolphins. And your "streak" involved the Bills, Cardinals, and Rams. Yeah...i'd be proud of that too....
  7. Remember guys....these seahawks did lose to the Dolphins....
  8. I don't thinkn it will be just that bad, 41 to 17 maybe.
  9. Dude, start producing and sell that. You'll make bank.
  10. I also know Roddy talks as much (if not more) than both of the Seahawks DBs. So if the DBs get away with something, i can see Roddy coming at them with something of his own.
  11. I just hope the refs call a good game. the 2 Seahawks DB's get away with murder in all there games.... Just go back and watch any of there games played this year. Its almost like the refs are choosing to let them get away with it. But ill just hope for the best.
  12. I met Marky mark in Afghanistan. Dude really loves his football, so his faith makes me feel pretty confident.
  13. Washington is fast, this is true, but his hands are not made of glue. This guys is a risky runner, aiming for the big gaps is great and all, but one hit from Decoud....its over. Or Abe's FALCON PUNCH!!!!
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