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  1. Agree - 1 playoff win for 5 years is not enough . If Falcons can't make Super Bowl now what's to say we can in future . It would be a trend that's for sure . Plus losing a important piece like Gonzo
  2. Ryan had a better year then Rodgers ? Rodgers threw 7 more TDs less int best passer rating in league while doing this without Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson for most of the season .
  3. if Falcons do lose to Seattle in 2nd round . I think I would be to devastated to post anyway . So whatever happens this will be my long good bye week and half 10 + years on board good laughs . bad times and struggles. Some legends hang them up like Barry and gracefully retire others like Manny Ramirez
  4. I'm already writing my farewell speech for next Thurs . I have good feeling were going to SB I really do . We caught a break with inexperienced QBs and west coast teams having to come east it would be a shock that we don't least make it to NFC champ game . That would be one playoff win
  5. bro , Peyton I don't use alt accounts . I've been banned multiple times come back use 1 name but this is exactly what I mean . This dude is off his rocker . I think we're being trolled so I'll stop playing along as well
  6. Matt Ryan is clearly better then Aaron Rodgers this year ? lol cause of 1.4 comp % difference logical
  7. less important stat is TDS ? but having a 1.4 better comp % means Ryan had better statistical season is TD not a meaningful stat ?
  8. Rodgers had 7 TDs more then Ryan . 6 less ints and best passer rating in league Ryan finished with more yards but also threw ball more and was LESS EFFICENT with his 14 ints Ryan comp % is what 2 points better 69 to 67 so Ryan throwing for more yards with more pass attempts and higher comp % means he had a better statistical season then Rodgers ?
  9. every QB has underthrown and over thrown . The issue at hand was not Jenkins slipping but Ryan being late and ball hung . That was the issue . That int clearly falls on Ryan case closed . It should have been a TD if Ryan ball didnt hang and didnt pump fake hard those are throws he needs to make to be successful in playoffs
  10. I had enough with AFMB . This is awful This is what I mean . This is the battle I have been fighting for realistic approach and this is what I get . Ryan is better then Rodgers cause more yards and higher comp %
  11. of course that's there offense . but Rodgers ball placement is crazy . He puts ball in spot his wr can fight for it . He is the best at back shoulder throws . Did you see the TD he has vs Minny where it was 3 step quick drop and boom TD back shoulder low and outside . The corner turned around ball was bye him and in Jordy Nelson arm Ryan never make that throw
  12. Koetter is smart . Used his name to get a ext since its being thrown out in interview process . He probably didnt feel he will have a real shot at the other jobs went back and hit up Blank for more $ . Smart business decision
  13. no thanks . Id rather find a project TE and groom . Start using more 3/4 wr sets DB / DT / DE .. should only be mentioned as 1st round picks
  14. you are dead wrong . Ball was underthrown and late . Ball should have been placed like Julio TD vs Detroit in back of end zone . Instead Ryan pump fake and was late and ball hung awful throw
  15. You are a Liar ... post only go back to 08' you used to sweat Vick all the time man
  16. remember back in day you used to sweat Vick . Literraly swing from his balls
  17. 1 season with 16 games played . That is it . 4 years in NFL
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