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  1. I'm always a huge fan of discussing football on the forums with a poster who leads off saying "I don't care what you say" lol. I'm not disagreeing that it wasn't Matt's fault but don't make a post patting yourself on the back.
  2. I was thinking the same thing but man it's hard to get a competent QB in this leage let alone a good one. Before we move on who the heck do we move on to? I don't really watch college football so I dunno who you even draft and the current bunch of qb's in the league their isn't crap out there free agent wise. Do we draft a qb first this next year knowing we desperately need a center/linebackers/safety more?
  3. Who cares, what would this team do in the playoffs vs good teams? Embarrass us even more.
  4. They are bad that's why, they aren't playing down they are playing with the same level of competition. We're a bad team.
  5. It confuses me why all of the sudden he barely looks to get Roddy White going.
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