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  1. We had a dog killer like Shembo and we still lost to the Browns?
  2. I see Reed as our WLB and Irvin as our Leo, signing Irvin isn't a reason to cut Reed in my opinion.
  3. Lmao, out of all the O-lines that had so many injuries they had to use a tight end at tackle, ours was definitely the best.
  4. Both times Bruce Irvin's faced the Falcons it was the worst graded game of that season (-0.9 2013, -4.2 2012), wonder if it's coincidence or there's something more to it, he grew up in Atlanta.
  5. The Bruce Irvin addition would be a great one for us, I think due to Irvin's coverage abilities Beasley would be the one putting his hand in the turf if we signed Irvin, Beasley definitely has the strength to do it, and throughout the season his run defense abilities should become polished enough.
  6. Life is like a box of chocolates.