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  1. Are you sure about that Playoff Bound thing??
  2. Lmfao.... no.... they are not. That's obvious.
  3. Sadly.... I could see it. We are bound to win just enough to not get a good draft pick
  4. Really dont care anymore. No reason to kid or fool ourselves. There is hope though. Maybe if DQ is fired at the Bi the team beats the Saints as a thank you to the fans....
  5. AB is to spineless to fire him sadly.
  6. AB has the money..... let's make KS an offer he cant refuse and get him back. Only half kidding.... er... 1/5th kidding?
  7. We are currently ranked 7th from the bottom. That means the draft pick we would probably want will be gone. Lol. And Arthur says he isnt firing Quinn.... what dirt does Quinn have on AB?
  8. Wth..... keep Kazee and Sanu
  9. You really think he makes the season??
  10. He shouldnt be allowed to visit Arizona.... but of he is fired who takes over? DK?? (Shudder)
  11. This is oddly true. He is a great QB, but has a crap ton of garbage padding his stats too
  12. This. Even if we score it doesnt matter.
  13. It's not his fault. The team around him SUCKS. You cant blame him.
  14. Maybe Quinm will quit