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  1. Regardless if Coley stays or goes, if the offensive turnaround at UGA is even half as impressive as what LSU experienced this year, I believe his recruiting takes a dip. Professional relationships hardly ever trump results. If UGA wins and does so lighting up the score boards, Coley can be the best recruiter in So FL, but Kirby will still get his share of players.
  2. Hurts won one the year before Tua.
  3. Hope open competition is the case. I think not having someone trying to take over the starting role gave Fromm a free-pass this year to possibly not focus on his mechanics as much, or have a stronger drive to continually improve. I never got a full understanding of something though, hoping some of you on here will have insights or knowledge of. Did Fromm really outperform Fields, or was Kirby simply apprehensive about pulling Fromm after he lead us to the Championship game? Did anyone see the practices, or get first hand accounts of how Fields looked in practice?
  4. 2017 Jalen Hurts won the championship as a True Freshman 2018 Jake Fromm got us to the championship game as a True Freshman 2018 Tua Tagovailoa led his team to a second half comeback victory in the championship game as a True Freshman 2019 Trevor Lawrence won the championship game as a True Freshman If Beck is a student of the game, has decent mechanics and can run effectively when needed, we could be just fine.
  5. Don't give a crap about losing Zach Evans, but I hate that we lose a scholarship over this drama. We could have had picked someone else from a number of great players, not to mention all the time the staff wasted recruiting the guy and working behind the scenes. Dang it. Not mad at Kirby, but disappointed he didn't cut bait with all the smoke surrounding this one. And disappointed that once locked in we didn't take Zach and put him on a one strike policy... Why the heck not at that point, scholarship is burned either way. Makes zero sense, letting the kid get away with the drama - doesn't teach him anything, certainly not accountability and repercussions.
  6. The more 4th or 5th year seniors that come back, the better IMO. Kirby has called out a lack of senior leadership this year, I'm very excited about the potential for greater maturity and accountability stemming from the players.
  7. If what I have read is accurate, Evans counts toward our 25, so why not just take him, land the #1 class and at the first sign of attitude, send him packing?
  8. Whatever happened with Nadab Joseph? If he came full circle, would he count against this class?
  9. Newton - UGA recruited as a Tight End Marshall - Recruited as a DB - dismissed from UGA - Watson - not recruited (2 appearances in National Championships) Fromm - on the team (1 National Championship Appearance) Lawrence - same cycle as Fields (2 National Championship Appearances) Fields - Transfer portal (1 Semi Final Appearance) Regardless of any team loyalty - it is very impressive that 35% of QB's in the National Championship game since 2010 have been from Georgia.
  10. In the last decade the state of Georgia has produced 6 QB's that have played in the college playoffs or the BCS National Championship Game. Only one of them has represented UGA. Of the 6 QBs, 3 have won the Championship, none of which represented UGA. We have got to get better at evaluating QB talent. Lord knows we can identify running backs, but defenses have evolved now and UGA needs to start spreading the ball around. The days of ground and pound and let the defense win are getting awfully tiresome. Granted it was against a Big 12 team, but Burrows had 53% as many TDs in the first half of a playoff game as Fromm had the entire season against SEC opponents. (7 vs 13) I'm not a huge LSU fan, but will pull for them as a fan of the SEC. But dang, if they aren't exciting to watch. Imagine that offense with our Defense!!! 2020 Kirby has to change up the offense. It's one thing to recruit a bunch of WRs, but if he refuses to mix it up, it will be the same old **** show! Woulda Coulda Shoulda
  11. Pac-12 vs SEC. Could argue that Nolan would have looked impressive against Utah as well. Looking forward to our defense in 2020
  12. So you're saying there's a chance!!! UGA has been in contact since Friday.
  13. Doubles his chances of getting noticed!
  14. I received 11 citations in my four years. Totally over policed. Athens-Clarke County PD, Bicycle Cops, UGA Police, Oconee County Sheriff's, State Patrol. Couple the number of police with the liberal Red and Black, Banner Herald and AJC, and you have a bunch of beat writers waiting to pounce on our players and break a story if they sneeze too loud.