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  1. I guess this is one way to find out if it was Kirby or Chaney holding back our offense.
  2. Nothing to see here - just two students talking to their ethics professor.
  3. I thought Tua was a dual threat QB? unless he is more injured than he is leading on, he doesn't look very mobile at all. Also, the longer this game goes on, the more Lawrence looks like a total miss for us and the more obvious it is that we need to retool our offense!
  4. Blaylock showed out - and he was very quiet during his recruitment, despite having that coveted 5th star. Exactly the type of student athlete I would want on my team. Haselwood can take his talents to Norman and I for one am glad that train has left the depot. I don't wish him any ill will, just feel that his personality and pre-madonna attitude is going to be toxic.
  5. Nothing about this passes the smell test. Why would he want to stick around and teach? Do you think he might be waiting to see how the whole Justin Fields thing plays out and then magically heal in time to coach another few years?
  6. On a lighter note:
  7. Agreed - I brought up Franklin, and certainly wouldn't flat out accuse anyone without proof... but just sayin... he has more than one reason to hate UGA. For all we know, the leak might come back to bite everyone in the @S$ - it certainly portrays Justin in less than positive light, and this could possibly motivate him to stick around and prove everyone wrong. Come to think about it... what if Kirby is the leak!
  8. Possible Scenario: Justin and family might have had internal dialogue about his future and made a few calls to gauge interest from certain schools. Franklin would certainly have to be one on the list, and it wouldn't be surprising if any of the coaches timed a leak to sprinkle a little chaos with UGA's recruiting. And it is plausible, if in fact an attorney is involved, that they could drop a rumor bomb to generate some buzz. Through no fault of Justin or his family, and possibly a betrayal of trust, the rumor of Justin transferring is leaked. If there is any truth to Justin and family exploring a transfer, then the silence is explainable and understandable. They are neither confirming nor denying, and quite possibly don't have their mind made up. If there is no truth to the situation, I find it hard to believe that Justin, any of his close teammates and maybe above all else, Kirby, hasn't come out to squash the rumor mill. In this instance, silence from all key parties is telling.
  9. 'IF' there is any truth to Booth and his twin sister, would we still accept Tyrique?
  10. There was some talk at one point that Pappoe might eventually reconsider the Dawgs - but it was a long time ago. Any updates, one way or another?
  11. The Sugar bowl would have been great if we had the chance to send Urban out with a loss and a headache. #15 Texas doesn't seem like much of a consolation prize. Not really recruiting, just too lazy to switch threads!
  12. I think abandoning what works made the difference! We did it last year in the NC game, and we did it again this time around. Alabama didn't play better on offense, we quit blitzing and only rushed 3 instead of 4. Alabama didn't play better on defense, Chaney abandoned Swift and bottled up Fromm... Alabama didn't win, once again, Georgia beat itself by becoming hyper conservative. Until Kirby decides to continue playing to our strength as opposed to playing not to lose, we need to be prepared for the elite teams to claw back into games and ultimately beat us.
  13. It is simply amazing how bad some of Kirby's decisions are. Fake Field goal against LSU, Clock Management in a couple of big games, but this fake punt tonight might just be the worst decision he will ever make. That was so bad, it defies logic. 4th and 1, ok. But 4th and 11, the entire defense is on the field, and that is your call with a trip to the playoffs on the line... that is your call????
  14. The only word that comes to mind is 'Typical'