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  1. Seems awfully bizarre. I would think at this point UGA PD and the athletic departments have a good working relationship. This doesn't make the light of day at 99% of other campuses. Feels like Kirby might have given the 'proverbial' green light with the end goal of opening up another scholly.
  2. I could see Muschamp laying low in Athens until his SCjr gravy train runs empty. This would allow him to hedge his bets that Lanning and Schumann take HC roles. I also feel that Muschamp might be the person that Kirby would finally be able to trust with the defense. I am a firm believer that if we are going to see a NC, that Kirby has to give up the reigns to the defense. No one can convince me that he has, as it is clear he is so heavily invested in every defensive play. He is constantly jumping and flailing and yelling and redirecting players from the sideline. He has a p
  3. Good grief, can someone start a Fromm Fields thread. I love seeing the recruiting thread with a bunch of new posts, as it usually means a new commit or some movement.... well that or the **** Fromm Fields argument for the 500th time.
  4. Good Ole Rocky Bot, Rocky Bot Tennessee 😉
  5. Legitimately thought this was one of those 'Bad Lip Reading' skits, had to watch it a few times.
  6. Outside of the likely bump in pay, I'm this looks like a Frost type scenario. Not sure I would want to jump up to the big boy league with one of the worst teams, who struggles with recruiting... just saying... but Nashville sure as heck beats Cincinnati every day of the week.
  7. Agreed, but we also know his track record when he has to sit.
  8. The more I get to see Justin Fields, the more I believe he doesn't have the mental grit to succeed in the NFL.
  9. Kirby is a great recruiter, but is an absolute pedestrian coach. Time management and key play decision making is worst in the league.
  10. So how is the portal going to work? Free pass for any undergrad, or are there any rules?
  11. Any chance Bobo jobs as QB/WR Coach? Any chance Will Muschamp comes aboard?
  12. Thought JT showed a lot of promise. Great arm strength and didn't force too many throws. He checked down a lot and when he did stare down his receiver it seemed to be based on watching an opening develop and then zipping the ball at the right time. I think from his play my two favorite takeaways were him checking down on the flea flicker, showing restraint, and his three well placed touchdown passes on one drive... thankfully Kearis decided to hold on to the last one.
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