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  1. Let P. Jerry rush the middle every down, the rest will fall into place.
  2. Pull a Baker? What was wrong with Baker? He was a first round pick too. Trufant is going to be in the HOF because he's round 1 and a falcon.
  3. I don't know about that now. He is a first round pick, he is an ensured good pick. I'm not worried about next season, Jerry is back and healthy.
  4. Our secondary is going to cover everything for us, I don't see why people are complaining. We have top picks like Jerry who won't let anyone through the line.
  5. We have this guy. ROUND 1 DT RIGHT HERE.
  6. Robinson gave up an 80-yard touchdown reception to Broncos receiver Rod Smith, giving the Broncos a 17-3 lead over the Falcons. Later, in the fourth quarter, he missed a tackle on Denver running back Terrel Davis that enabled Davis to break a long run to the Atlanta 10-yard line. The Atlanta Falcons ended up losing the game 34-19. 34 - 7 = ? 19 + 8 = ? Kind of hard to stay in the game when DEFENSE doesn't keep you in huh? Like so many of the people here are crying for, so please tell me... How would some idiots mistakes during a season/post-season and ruining a run make things better.
  7. Really? You need a slogon to know someone enjoys something? Hey guys I love Mcdonalds! YOU DIDN'T SAY I'M LOVIN IT!!!
  8. I believe Reed said he will return, but now not sure. I'd think he'd wanna go out on top. No denying that the run game helps the QB, but not all teams need the strongest run game to win it all. Just need something to keep the defense honest
  9. Funny how their numbers are similar in almost every way.
  10. Honestly it looked like our line held off the 49ers better, asides from one big hit (which was late) They do have a better run game, but who's to say we won't at least tune it up a bit. We don't need to rely heavy on the run because we have star receivers who make the big plays. Just like how Rice is one of their stars who makes big plays. Defense, I can't deny it.
  11. That may be so, but the Falcons have more talent around Matt. After bulking up the defense a little bit we can be in the Ravens position a couple times
  12. All of these Flacco > Ryan threads? If anything this should be uplifting. Flacco and Ryan play extremely similar, shouldn't you connect it? If Flacco can do it, Ryan will up there some day.
  13. Well really, we've had pretty much every team beat us go to at least the Super bowl. Though it hasn't been a sure fire win (see eagles, cardinals.)
  14. Experts huh? Let's see the same type of expert that picked us to lose what 40-0 against the chiefs? Experts that said we stand no chance against the seahawks? Experts that said the cowboys will win it all after week 1? Experts that think Kap is new and refreshing? The future of the QB? Shall I continue? As for the cap space, Grimes is eating up 10 million. Goodbye. Sidbury, Mcclure, and various other FA's we will probably let go. Not to mention we will probably lose Turner.
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