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  1. Psssh, even though Randy Moss didn't happen to win a championship, you don't win 18 games without a guy like him or Julio. Those guys are cheat codes, it makes it a whole lot easier.
  2. Agreed. I can't even bring myself to click on that thread, but last year it was really only a concern about Julio not showing up for OTAs because there was a potentially messy contract dispute. I didn't think anyone actually thought that Julio needed to risk himself with OTAs, and if another great statistical season didn't prove that, nothing will. There's no concern that Julio will hold out this time around, so I have no idea why anyone would be worried about his performance otherwise. Vic on the other hand, even if you don't think it will help, he is in no position to piss off the only people who have anything (a lot) invested in him.
  3. I'm normally one of the ones trying to calm down the overreactions, but I find this incredibly disappointing, especially since Quinn, the guy who placed a lot of belief and cash into mentoring the guy up to his potential, is disappointed he's not there. I'm not gonna argue whether OTAs or his personal training is more helpful, but you can do both. A life lesson I learned a while ago is that the easiest way to show a boss or potential business partners that you're serious is by showing up for non-mandatory things. Quinn basically put his own *** on the line to allow TD to protect Ryan better like Blank demanded, and now a lot of the defense's success hinges on Beasley and Takk buying into Quinn's scheme and mentorship. Extremely disappointing and concerning, IMO.
  4. More good stuff Tim, but I agree, "That’s less a knock on those guys than an acknowledgement of just how important Allen and Neal are to making this defense work as best it can." Obviously not really a controversial take. You're always gonna have a drop-off when you have big difference makers. No one just has premium starters sitting on their bench as backups, of course.
  5. Good stuff. Man is it gonna be exciting seeing Neal, Allen and Kazee patrolling the middle of the field behind Debo
  6. Exactly. You knew this was going to trigger people into debate #867 of "Is Ryan Elite?", but it's simply reading too much into it here. In my opinion, they used Ryan because he's consistently a top 10 QB. It's highly subjective what is his exact ranking, as this board has once again shown in this thread. But I'm proud that he's used as an example of what a consistent top 10 franchise QB (with MVP achievement and potential) looks like.
  7. Also worth noting that they actually wanted AJ Green the year we drafted Julio, but the Bengals wouldn't deal the pick.
  8. You know, I've thought about it, and I think it'll be easier to just go grab a Publix sub than cook tonight.
  9. So now you're making Ludacris your escape goat?
  10. Then spend more draft picks to draft Baker too? Look, we all know the OPs underlying whiney motive, that's why no one wants to play this game of unrealistic revisionist history.
  11. Ummm okay, so in your scenario we move up twice for two different players in the first round? Dude, just stop.
  12. "We have to invest in this offensive line!" *invests in line* "But I wanted a disruptive DT like Aaron Donald" *drafts guy with similar measurables that Quinn can develop* "But what we really need is a back who can pick up short yardage" *drafts big back with speed* What's a Qadree Ollison? Worst draft ever!
  13. I mean, I thought after all of the guys Quinn has developed, that we might stop worrying about them taking the guys who have the canvas Quinn wants, but here we are... I've never seen a place with worse knee jerk reactions than this forum.
  14. "Sacks are overrated" - Mike Smith
  15. If you wantsky low pricesky, come in and draft Cominsky