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  1. Lol, if he was serious, he'd be taking them to court, not Twitter. Gurley has been jabbing at the Rams ever since they cut him (which remember was to ultimately save them money, but he clearly hasn't been too happy about it, and has been taking subtle jabs whenever he can).
  2. I think you pretty much nailed my problem with the uniforms. It's like they tried too hard to listen to all the input and pay nods to everything, that we ended up with a ton of combinations that aren't really what anyone asked for. Like the old saying goes, a camel is a horse designed by a committee. So many elements, it's like, yeah I see where you were going with that, but I'm not sure these are ever gonna grow on me. They needed a couple more drafts of refinement. Though if true that these are our color rushes, they are a massive improvement from those red PJs they had us wearing.
  3. Maybe work on your delivery next time. It wasn't obvious it was a joke, especially in the sea of whining about no release date and some guy being a little snarky on Twitter. But I don't have any beef with ya, just take it for what it's worth and do something good for someone who needs it, I hope. I apologize for not getting the joke and rightfully assuming that there are a lot of messed up priorities in this thread.
  4. Pretty terrible and classless joke if so. Satire doesn't play too well during a global pandemic that shut down the world.
  5. "A healthy man wants a thousand things, a sick man only wants one". I think we have an ethical responsibility to look out for and help those who need it most right now, and not whine and worry about when a uniform release happens. This place is unreal. Why I don't come around here much, because a whole lot of you make a huge deal out of absolutely nothing. The world is about to change, people are dying m, lives are being ruined, and you think what we need now is a uniform release? Grow up.
  6. They both make me drink Cutty Sark
  7. Their job is to create drama, even where none really exists. Kind of like the whiners on this forum.
  8. Honestly I was just relieved that it wasn't a thread about signing him.
  9. And just the threat of Gurley is gonna be huge. When the Rams were rolling (it wasn't just Gurley that fell off last year, the whole offense did), the entire offense was built around that threat. Just a shame we have Koeter again. If Shanny were still here it could be the most unstoppable force the league has ever seen. If Koeter can't get it done with this cast, definitely time to cut bait, so win-win I guess.
  10. Not sure I think Antonio Brown deserves a statue here, but maybe?
  11. Por que no los dos? Maybe it's the cabin fever setting in from self-quarantine, but if we can afford it, it sounds like a way more fun experiment than run, run, pass, three and out, defense lets up a score, rinse and repeat until we fall out of the playoffs and start winning. Arthritis means the Rams massively overpayed, it doesn't mean he's done yet, and our backfield is awful.
  12. So we could cut and have even more dead money going to him than Freeman? On the plus side though, maybe he would have made that block in the Superbowl.
  13. Great, so they look even more like our color scheme than they used to, while the Saints and Panthers have taken black as their dominant color.
  14. Na, its definitely white with a black facemask
  15. Well, the white is obviously BS, based on that mistaken article. But I don't think the other 2 are contradictory. The logo can be both silver and enlarged. I also saw where someone said the facemask is more of a black chrome (or shiny black I guess). Forgive my lack of time and source file, but that sounds more like this: Really starting to sound more and more like they might look similar to this long time fan favorite concept (yes please!):