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  1. Yeah, but it was pretty great seeing everyone quoting a guy named Barry McCockiner
  2. So why will rooting against my own team actually accomplish anything? I'd prefer to just root for my teams and hope for the best, instead of pretending like my rooting interest has any effect on reality. Hope that helps.
  3. It's true, dating back to last season, it just seems like when Free is in there, it goes back to that predictable gameplan that made us want to run Sark out of town. I think that if the O line keeps playing better like they have, then it doesn't matter too much who we have back there at RB, I just don't wanna see the game plan go to **** because they want to get Free going. The defense knows that too.
  4. There was an interview on the radio recently, can't remember which station or show, with Crawford. I couldn't believe when I heard the British accent, I thought I was listening to Atlanta United coverage at first... But they were joking about how he dominated cricket because he was just so much bigger. I now have this vision of Jack Crawford as being like Big Poppy with a cricket bat. He also was among the many that have said that the brotherhood is real, for what that's worth.
  5. Except that you don't ever forego a near sure thing in the NFL to tie to take 2 gambles with a team that looks lost in the redzone and risk losing instead of easily tying. That's insanity. But I think it's just an insane decision. Tanking doesn't happen in the NFL for a bunch of reasons, especially not in New York City where the fans will run the coach out of town... Not only are all these players playing for their jobs, but the coaches are too. Do people really think they just gave the HC a free pass to stay after starting 1-6? **** no, this is not some long tenured coach, he's proving himself. With the amount of talent they have on the roster, they need to see what he can do with it, not tanking for draft picks just to have no idea what they have at coach or with their players. Remember that a bad season just cost their last coach his job. It just doesn't happen in the NFL. These guys are on too short of leashes to have a job next year.
  6. Have you ever thought that you rub people the wrong way because you make it about you, instead of things people actually want to read and talk about? This place has been unreadable lately, even by its own low standards of whining and infighting. But I came here to boast on our boy Giorgio "Lira" Tavecchio, so that's what I'm gonna do! Go Falcons!
  7. I recall the same thing happening last year, seemed like every game Freeman played, the offense went back to the same predictable Sark play calling.
  8. The Panthers passed on Ridley for DJ Moore Not saying the kid will or won't be good, I haven't followed enough to know how he's coming along, but with all the bad that's been happening to us, it made me smile when I remembered that they let the best NFL ready WR in the draft (that they needed much more) just fall into our laps. Even if this year is a waste, couldn't be happier to have him as a Falcon for years to come.
  9. They were just getting the ball into the hands of our most electric playmaker, Austin Hooper
  10. This thread is going Shockley well
  11. Yes, the NFL is always becoming more fast and physical, and yes, it is taking a physical toll on the guys running into freight trains going even faster. But this isnt a Falcons thing, speed is needed to succeed in the fast paced game the NFL is turning into. They are just responding to what it takes to win in today's NFL.
  12. Ah, forgot about that accident that happened, it might not anymore, but yeah, still worth it to go up and see the city from above. (I didn't like the elevator for a long time either, btw, not the most comfortable for those that don't like heights, but at least you don't have to look if you don't want to)
  13. Definitely do the Sun Dial at the top of the Westin, not the restaurant unless you wanna drop a bunch of cash, but the bar/lounge above where it's not too expensive if you stick to apps and drinks. About 76 floors up, they take you on a glass elevator, and the whole thing roates slowly around the whole city. Really cool if you can plan it a little before sunset, watch the sun go down and everything light up. All of the hotels and near them have some more upscale restaurants, otherwise mostly what I can think of around there is more bar food or fast food (CNN center has a bunch of them). Can't speak to a recommendation without driving a little bit, but I can't think of any places I'd avoid right there.
  14. I bet you said the same thing when they lost to the Bucs the first game two years ago, calling for Shanahans head because they weren't showing improvement from year 1... I'm not saying I expect the same results of that season, but I'm not naive enough to overreact too much because of injuries and week 1 on the road against a Superbowl winning elite defense. Believe it or not, teams can still improve over 16 games and even overcome big injuries with good coaching and scheme. I should also note that the 2016 Falcons also had a subpar defense until around the time that Debo gets back this year, and that was far from the first time that Ryan has gotten by with defensive and/or O-line issues... He has every single year he's been in the league. I mean, the garbage offense that we all love to complain about was still a lot of the reason that this team got to the playoffs and won one of them last year. Let's not pretend like we rode into the postseason with an elite D. This team can get by until Debo is back by doing just a little better this year of capitalizing on opportunities on both sides of the ball. They've underachieved, but they're not even close to being trash, even without Debo and Neal. But the real question is: Why are you even here if you're so convinced that the season is sunk? Is it really so important to get people to join your pity party? Go find something better to do if you don't care to be a fan. Everyone doesn't have to give up hope just because you do.
  15. Yeah, Tom Brady is not great defenses can pressure him, Rodgers looks terrible when he plays us because our defense doesn't let him get comfortable, Philly seems to do the same thing to Ryan. I think Ryan did okay considering the really tough circumstance of going into that tough place against that mauling Superbowl-winning elite D-line for the first game of the year. But where I think Matt has "regressed" since the Superbowl is that he seems to have lost that magic with the late game heroics. He's made a career out of being "Matty Ice", even if our backs are against the wall, you used to know that Ryan would find a way to get it done on the last possession. Just stay in the game until then, and he would find a way to get you out with a W. Maybe it just means our luck has run out, but that seems to be gone since the Superbowl loss. Maybe it's still a hangover for the whole team, maybe things really have changed with Sark and/or Ryan, but something has clearly been off. I don't think we need to take sides in this pointless argument about what Ryan "is" to acknowledge that something needs to change in this offense's ability to perform in the clutch. Fix that and we'll be just fine.