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  1. Jerry Rice and Larry Fitzgerald were not freak athletes at all; TO was, and Randy had that freak speed, but they all had totally different styles and talents. It's silly to compare Julio to them, and it's silly to say that "great conditioning" and a pedigree is going to undo the fact that he's been pretty banged up his whole career. Maybe Julio is just fine, but I can point to Calvin Johnson, probably the closest Julio comparison right off as an example that not everyone can hold up to a long career in the NFL. You just don't really know. I'm with you, if it can't help the defense no
  2. I've been thinking this all day. Ideal situation is to trade Julio for pass rush help, no matter whether that includes picks or not. We need starters, not projects. I was of the mind before that it made no sense to trade Julio unless it was for a premium pick, but if he can be turned into a proven pass rusher, whether through trade or salary cap relief or both, I feel like we have to do that now if you want to be competitive this year. We knew this was going to be a bad DL draft, and it seems like they have kind of conceded that when they keep passing on them for OL and DB (unti
  3. If you think the games are meaningless, then why do you care? Why be a fan at all if, other than the few dynasties, there is a strong chance that almost all of the seasons will be meaningless, by your metric? Are you suggesting a communist utopia where no one wins or loses? Sounds great, but if not, then wins are kind of the primary objective of the game and rooting interest, regardless of whether you whine about Chase Young or not. I choose meaning of your so-called "meaningless" games, so therefore they mean something. So now what? Oh right, it means that your meaningless whining m
  4. But you don't understand, we all REALLY wanted Chase Young, so please **** your job so I can have a new toy. You would have thought that a crisis where tens of millions just went out of work would snap some judgement into their heads, but they still can't comprehend why guys in one of the highest paying and highest turnover jobs don't want to put bad film on tape. Did you try to tell them that you REALLY REALLY wanted him?
  5. Do I feel better about the secondary vs the other alternatives (keeping in mind that trading up didn't work out). Umm, yes, at least we have a guy they like to try to fill it. You can't just say, well there's better value elsewhere, let's just do nothing to solve our glaring need at CB. There are other questions about the pick, but bickering about value is pointless. You don't win any more games with great value if it isn't what you need.
  6. Would he have been there in the second round? We've had this happen before where they said they were planning to trade back, but didnt have any takers. Sounds like they tried to trade up, but that didn't happen, so... If that's the case, do you just go without a CB1 because value? We're in a tough spot with Trufant's salary not worth his production anymore.
  8. Lol, if he was serious, he'd be taking them to court, not Twitter. Gurley has been jabbing at the Rams ever since they cut him (which remember was to ultimately save them money, but he clearly hasn't been too happy about it, and has been taking subtle jabs whenever he can).
  9. I think you pretty much nailed my problem with the uniforms. It's like they tried too hard to listen to all the input and pay nods to everything, that we ended up with a ton of combinations that aren't really what anyone asked for. Like the old saying goes, a camel is a horse designed by a committee. So many elements, it's like, yeah I see where you were going with that, but I'm not sure these are ever gonna grow on me. They needed a couple more drafts of refinement. Though if true that these are our color rushes, they are a massive improvement from those red PJs they had us wearing.
  10. Maybe work on your delivery next time. It wasn't obvious it was a joke, especially in the sea of whining about no release date and some guy being a little snarky on Twitter. But I don't have any beef with ya, just take it for what it's worth and do something good for someone who needs it, I hope. I apologize for not getting the joke and rightfully assuming that there are a lot of messed up priorities in this thread.
  11. Pretty terrible and classless joke if so. Satire doesn't play too well during a global pandemic that shut down the world.
  12. "A healthy man wants a thousand things, a sick man only wants one". I think we have an ethical responsibility to look out for and help those who need it most right now, and not whine and worry about when a uniform release happens. This place is unreal. Why I don't come around here much, because a whole lot of you make a huge deal out of absolutely nothing. The world is about to change, people are dying m, lives are being ruined, and you think what we need now is a uniform release? Grow up.
  13. Their job is to create drama, even where none really exists. Kind of like the whiners on this forum.
  14. Honestly I was just relieved that it wasn't a thread about signing him.
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