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  1. Please tell us what picks you would make this whole draft so I can lmao.
  2. So are you going to provide an argument as to why or just blurp out random things?
  3. Player of the game was Chad Durbin.
  4. Giants fans keep telling me to prepare to be disappointed, but any pass rush is a plus at this point. And with this signing I'm guessing we are running with McClain as a starting CB? I don't think we have enough for Grimes or Abe... all draft at this point. If we do someone let me know.
  5. Breaking Bad Dexter Prison Break House Game of Thrones LOST Spartacus The Office South Park Six Feet Under Others: The Walking Dead (Love, hate relationship), The Daily Show, QI, Californication... bleh there's too many.
  6. http://mlb.mlb.com/v...drelton Simmons Sick double play from Simmons playing for the Netherlands. He had 5 double plays this game alone btw.
  7. Matt Ryan and Offense got us 30 points in the playoff game. I don't see why not.
  8. This x1000 Attempts are a meaningless statistic if the execution wasn't there. This year we have executed much better in these types of plays. Edit: If these are wrong someone post the actual ones lol.
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