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  1. Terrence Mathis, guy had great hands and throw in Bert Emmanuel (for about 3 seasons) too, they both just played on bad falcons teams and didn't get the shine they deserved.
  2. I think the Ravens win. They've been knocking on the door past couple of seasons and they win this for Ray Lewis.
  3. Really don't care for guys with issues cause it only gets worse when u give em money. And I think the secondary is fine for now, we need pass rushers badly
  4. I say give HD another season to prove himself. If Gonzalez does really retire then he'll get a lot of opportunities to prove himself next season.
  5. Couldn't have said it better myself. People losing their minds wanting Smith fired and has given us the best 5yr run we've ever had with any coach.
  6. I agree. I've been falcons for over 20 years but that doesn't mean I can't give respect where it's due and Flacco weather you like him or not has been great for Baltimore in the post season. I'm a Matt Ryan fan and love my falcons but right now you gotta give Flacco the edge over Ryan. People are still disappointed after the loss yesterday but our time will come.
  7. I think he comes back. He was so close and I say he takes the next month to think it over and says he's positive next season he's 100% sure it's his last, this season he was on 95% sure. One can hope.
  8. Not a wasted season, everyone's primary goal is to win a Super Bowl but we accomplished getting a playoff victory this year which was hugh. Next year we win the NFC title. Sometimes it takes steps. I really feel once we address our problems in the off season we'll be a bigger force next season and win it all next season. Only 1 team can win a Super Bowl in a season, this season was not a waste.
  9. Blame can go all around but the D really let us down today.
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