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  1. If you can say anything for certain it's that a decent team in a division with the Jets, Bills and Dolphins will make the playoffs. If our division was that weak I would pencil us in every year.
  2. We popped our cherry, now it's going to be sack city.
  3. FINALLY a team with fight and heart. Maybe not the most talented but that doesn't always win ball games!
  4. Robiskie fixed the drops with Roddy.. He was atrocious his first few seasons and got it turned around. Honestly I have seen Robiskie get a ton out of less talented wide outs, the man may be the best WR coach in the game.
  5. yeah man I hear you on that I just think Robiske could make the guy a monster more so than Courtney Roby.
  6. Anyone that would like to see what Terry Robiske could do with Stephen Hill? The man has all the measurables you need in a wide receiver he was just stuck in that **** they call the Jets
  7. Matt Ryan used to run the triple option.... maybe we are on to something here?
  8. Oh one more thing his career YPC average was 8.82. He was a big play everytime he touched the ball
  9. GT fan here and this guy is legit. Don't let his size fool you, he NEVER goes down after first contact. He is another ankle breaking type of back but seems more quick than fast. He was the offense at GT the past few years which isn't saying much but trust me if he makes the roster he will be a fan favorite. He plays the game like he is 10 ft. Tall and has a ton of heart.
  10. Mike Smith will have a heart attack if they sign this guy. Anything besides a fair catch and he flips out.
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